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Fortnite content creator spotlight: “Bumpaah”

For all Fortnite players who are looking for videos and streams to improve their skills, Iain “Bumpaah” DeHaan has you covered. Bumpaah creates educational videos showing why you should be good mechanically and mentally at the game. His series “Breaking Down the Build” shows what a good player should be thinking about in high stress situations. Either playing a normal match or diving into Fortnite Pro League scrims, Bumpaah’s videos will make you feel confidant going into that match.

About Bumpaah

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Much like most people, Bumpaah was unsure about the building element in the game at first, especially for him coming from a CS:GO background. The idea of toggling from shooting to building is a bit daunting at first. New players seeing huge bases built in seconds and not knowing how to handle the situation. There are hardly any videos out there to help new players catch up in skill. SypherPK’s Fortnite educational videos are a good place to start but lacked depth that Bumpaah was looking for. So he took the initiative and made some of his own.

I make educational content because I as well as many other people love playing fortnite and there are many people out there who have never played a game competitively who are looking to improve but have no idea where to start or what to look for in their own game play. I believe that I can use my experience to help other people improve their own game and hopefully get a few more victory ROYALeS. -Bumpaah

If you’re in Pro League or Open League, Bumpaah offers a video for just that. From game modes such as solos to solo squads, he gives a complete rundown of what is going on in game and in his mind. Practical, informative and down to earth content, Lian “Bumpaah” DeHaan has great lessons for new players and pros.


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