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Fortnite Content Creator Spotlight: BallaTW

It’s quite difficult to capture every detail of a Skirmish by yourself, but fortunately BallaTW has you covered. With his series “What I learned”, he breaks down the little things that most players overlook. Opposed to showing the trick and moving on, he shows the practicality of that move and how it actually works. If you are going into a normal match or into Fortnite Pro League that little trick you saw could save you in a build fight. Six seasons into Fortnite and there is hardly any educational content to improve your game play. BallaTW is one of many content creators that aims to bring more educational content to the limelight.

About BallaTW

A content creator, competitive gamer and electrical engineer, BallaTW focuses on Educational content. However, BallaTW has been involved in esports communities such as CS:GO, Quake and Starcraft 2. He has been around in the competitive scene for a while and knows a thing or two about improving competitively.

BallaTW’s biggest focus is creating a community that is about learning and improving at a competitive level. Self-improvement, educational commentaries and analyzing replays can be found watching BallaTW streams and his videos.

It just feels like we are constantly saturated with SUB-PAR, low-effort, click-BAIT content that we never get a chance to see the real good stuff. When I first started playing CS 1.6 back in 2006, there was constant educational commentary, analysis and technique sharing led by guys like GB James, Midway, etc… it was really the only content to consume related to the game. I want to return to those days, or at least have that kind of content on a level playing field over the “NINJA REACTS to “HAMLINZ REACTS TO DAILY DOSE OF INTERNET”” and “50 PRO TIPS TO BECOME THE NEXT NINJA

How did Fortnite attract BallaTW

Wukong shooting Brite Bomber // from

BallaTW wasn’t captured by Fortnite at first. The cartoon aesthetic and glorified free-for-all game mode had BallaTW hesitant to try the game. After a season of CS:GO, on a whim, BallaTW and friends decided to play Fortnite. Right away BallaTW fell in love with the game. Fortnite is very forgiving when it comes to mistakes. You can mess up one build placement and it wont cost you the fight (most of the time).

(With the exception of the Double barrel), you have to make a bunch of mistakes in a row to lose. This makes it so the better player is always generally winning. When I played CS, once you get to a certain level, you can make a single mistake and lose the round, or at least your head. In starcraft 2 you make a single wrong engagement and the game could be over then and there.

Fortnite Rust Lord // In game capture by CosineJoe

Fortnite as it stands has a wide range of players. Ranging from competitive to casual and everything in between. Players from all sorts of backgrounds from many different video games each bring something unique to the table. Fortnite has influenced our gaming culture in a way many of us would have never imagined.

BallaTW Thoughts on the Current Competitive Meta

Competitively speaking many of us would agree that the Double Barrel is still way to good and “Heal Offs” are fine every now and then but not all the time. In Skirmishes, BallaTW has pointed out the “Why fight” mentality still plagues Skirmishes. Points win you the game in these Skirmishes. Once you are at a position that you are comfortable with point wise, why risk it? If you are at the top of the leaderboards, every engage you take could be considered wasting material, health and ammo.

I’d feel robbed if Poach was about to go up against Tfue in a 1v1 during MID-GAME, and they both disengage because – why fight?

If you are new or seasoned at Fortnite, BallaTW has the content that can benefit you in the long run. Simple and to the point educational content is what this community needs. Follow BallaTW on Twitter and Twitch

Featured image courtesy of @Cosinejoe

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