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Fortnite competitive update

Fortnite Competitive Update
Fortnite has evolved past its casual player base and now holds a massive hardcore scene – Image: Fortnite INTEL

Ever since Fortnite launched, about a year ago, players have put a lot of time into getting prestigious victory royales. Its trademark island has become home to a glorious competition. Some fight to get better and others for the bragging rights. Nonetheless, 100 strangers are put together to face head to head, and only one comes out on top.

There are many play styles in the Fortnite universe. If refined, most of them have the potential of leading to victory. Players’ mechanical skills allow them to get to a point where public matches are too easy. They can push players with ease and rack up a high amount of kills while still achieving victory.

To professionals, casual matches make for no real challenge. Resulting in them looking for groups of other talented players to allow them to keep growing. The prestigious pro discord exists to allow high caliber players to organize matches, get some real practice and achieve real growth.

Custom matches exist, but they are not really used, resulting in professional players looking for alternative methods to queue up together.

On a positive note, Epic games announced ranked system that should satisfy this player base.

A route to competition

Epic has written time, and time again about their push for a real competitive system. However, most information is unknown up to this point. Paired with the details of the first week of the Fall Skirmish, Epic games promised to give the community details about the competitive system in October.

At this point the community carries a strong desire for the reveal. This competitive system should give a new incentive to all the players that have been hit by a wall of growth

Tournament tab tease
Fortnite Competitive Update
Screenshot by u/venineknek in reddit showing the Tournaments tab

Recently an image surfaced that includes a tournament tab in the game. During the Support-A-Creator event the game showed a tournaments tab. This tab holds a great deal of mystery, and could mean a lot of things.

One of them being an actual competitive system for Fortnite, the other a way for Epic to hold huge open tournaments.

What to hope for?

An ideal rank service would provide different ranked divisions. In these divisions players would be divided by skill. As an example games like Overwatch and League of Legends provide a system where players fight for points to rise up in the ranks. They are ranked in divisions ranging from bronze to challenger. If this is implemented Epic Games should be able to please players that are seeking something more than a battle royale.

With all the experimentation they have pushed they should be able to find an efficient way to create a ranked system. Kills and placings should be the center of points allowing players to pick the play style they want and still be able to succeed.

Is the tournament tab what the community needs? Or is it Epic’s unique way of fixing things?

This developer proved their particular way of dealing with criticism, and to push what they believe is right for the game. They still tend to the community’s needs, but generally go through with their agenda.

This is both good, and bad because this confidence is what allows Epic games to keep constantly surprising its player base.


Fortnite Competitive Update
TwitchCon 2018 – Image: TwitchCon

TwitchCon 2018 just announced the details for its most recent LAN Fortnite tournament. They are pretty similar to the ones previously used for PAX West 2018, but now hold two tournaments. A duo one open to online registration, and a Stream-vitational event for the content creators and selected attendees.

Peripherals are still controlled by Epic Games, and game settings are set by them too. This limits players that play on their standard setup.

LAN’s are going to keep evolving as time passes, and keep fleshing out the Fortnite scene. Epic Games should learn from their mistakes and forge a great empire.

Wrapping up

Epic Games is hopefully providing details about its ranked system soon. This should suffice the need of players that want something more. On the other side, TwitchCon 2018 is looking very similar to PAX 2018. No real improvement, but including multiple tournaments.

This has been a great year for Fortnite, and should keep pushing Epic to improve. Feel free to share your opinion and comment down bellow.

Featured image provided by Epic Games

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