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Fortnite: Competitive Development Updates

Competitive Development Updates for Fortnite

Fortnite is under fire after the last few updates as players are left in the dark. Everyone wants to hear Epic’s comments on why siphon is not in public games anymore as well as why they will not revert. With a state of development update just days ago, Twitter has given Epic some severe backlash. Popular streamers are pleading Epic listens to their community since World Cup qualifiers are a week away. In these competitive development updates for Fortnite, some issues are addressed while others are just left in the dark until further notice.

Arena Mode

The biggest problem with Arena mode is the queue times. With players asking Epic to please make them shorter, the solution is a little strange. Epic wants to fill in queue times with creative, placing players into a lobby while they wait. The solution is a little bit strange and is “a little way out” but players can expect to stay busy during queue times.

Competitive Development Updates for Fortnite
The current scoring system for Arena mode // In-game capture by Nicholas Rivera

Epic also says they will try to provide new scoring formats, custom division rewards and league-specific tournaments. These all sound great and reward good players with tournaments and small achievements as they rank up. As far as scoring, a lot of players are hoping to see a change from the point per kill system. The previous format of three, five and seven kills was great. However, if the point per kill was to stay, it should be after a certain number of kills. This would make it better and show standout players since kills are only rewarded heavily after reaching a set amount.

Performance Updates

Since the start of competitive Fortnite, late-game performance has had issues. FPS drops and hitches make players angry and upset. Not being able to play at peak performance when it matters most would anger anyone. After months of no updates, Epic says they will continue to monitor these claims and want to stabilize late game. With most players experiencing only 60-80 frames late game, a solution needs to be found.

“Our goal across upcoming releases is to iterate on common stalls that directly impact gameplay and provide a more consistent endgame experience. The v8.30 update contains improvements to multithreaded rendering performance in heavier scenes for console and desktop as well as a fix for a hitch related to vehicles. ”

v8.30 will likely be a larger update since it is the last update before the first World Cup Qualifier. With performance updates and a Baller update as well, it could be a game changer as far as how players experience late game.

Stretched Resolution

The most upsetting change in the state of development update is the ban on stretched resolutions. Most if not all competitive players play on stretched resolutions, so this caused an uproar on Twitter. Even now, days later, players are saying how much they missed stretched, and are upset this information did not come sooner.

Even Ninja got into the debate, saying that it is annoying because Epic allowed stretched for previous tournaments. The update for not using stretched came just a week before qualifiers. Players who want to continue to use stretched for public games, vertical FOV will be locked. That means players will not get the advantage of seeing more of the screen than on native. Now it is a race to see who can adapt to native the fastest, but the community is still not happy about the change.

Server Replays

Competitive Development Updates for Fortnite
The steps to watch competitive cup replays, courtesy of Epic Games

One cool addition coming in v8.30 is the ability to rewatch replays from cup games. In the state of development update here, players can download and watch replays from their servers top players. The process is being worked on to become more streamlined, but players will be able to review how pros handle certain situations. This is an awesome little tweak because this will help players who want to get better by watching real experience. YouTube and Twitter clips only offer so much, but it’s cool to see how different players act when they are all in one game.

Fortnite World Cup Warm-Up

Competitive Development Updates for Fortnite
A look at the upcoming World Cup Warmup Cup // In-game capture by Nicholas Rivera

With the World Cup Qualifiers starting in just one week, the Warmup Semi-Finals cup is taking place this weekend. Players will compete to earn their share of a 500 thousand dollar prize pool. As usual, the top 1500 duos will advance through the finals and the winners will be paid by Epics current code system. Just a reminder to anyone who wants to participate, you must have 2FA enabled on your account. To qualify, players must reach at least division six.

The full State of Development sheet can be found here.

Feature Image Courtesy of Epic Games

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