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Fortnite: Choosing The Right AR

Choosing the right AR in Fortnite

In every game of Fortnite, choosing the right AR isn’t always easy. Some games players need firepower, while other games it might only be a spray weapon. Choosing an AR is more than just picking up the best color, it’s about what the player needs. Since there are so many factors, it pays to know what weapon will work best.

Fire Rate

The fire rate is an important factor when choosing the right AR. This mostly depends on player preference and what they like. Weapons like the blue AR have a fire rate fast enough to sneak some shots on a player inside a box. Even with turbo build, there is a good chance the player will still land some damage. The scar also has the same chance to hit but the damage output will be a little bit higher.

Choosing the right AR in Fortnite
Example of small bloom on Infantry Rifle // In-game capture by Nicholas Rivera

Weapons like the Heavy AR are great for midrange combat, but not busting through builds. Since the fire rate is slower, it is not ideal for spraying someone’s box. The Heavy AR is better to land shots on an enemy as the player pushes towards them. Since it hits for more than a gold scar, the slow fire rate is made up for by power.

The new Infantry Rifle has a good fire rate but only carries eight bullets in a clip. The fire rate for this weapon is player based but is also capped so it does not fire too fast. The eight bullets make it great for short engagements and saving ammo. However, it also makes it hard to spray down an enemy, so a third gun would be ideal.


The second thing to consider is the bloom. Bloom is how wide the crosshairs spread during fire. Bloom is super annoying for players who always spray since it causes lots of missed shots. With suppressed weapons, the bloom is even worse. The suppressed scar has way too much bloom to spray more than a few shots at a time. This makes it a very touchy weapon and should not be taken unless the player plans on tapping fire. It also only hits for 31 damage, so it isn’t that great for damage anyway.

Choosing the right AR in Fortnite
Ember lasering an enemy with a grey AR // In-game capture by Nicholas Rivera

The Heavy AR also has lots of bloom because of its power. Being automatic and powerful, bloom helps the heavy AR not be overpowering. After a few consecutive shots, the bloom is just crazy. This gun is better to use shot by shot since the first shot bloom snaps back to 100 percent very fast.

Another trait about the heavy AR is the pullout bloom. Once the gun is pulled out, the bloom starts wide and takes a long time to shorten up. If the player shoots before the 100 percent first shot, the bloom stays big for a good chunk of time. Even though it hits for just under 40, the shot is much harder to land than a scar which does 33/35.

The reason the new Infantry Rifle has no bloom is because of the clip size and fire rate. Although the new rifle hits hard, especially the epic and legendary version, it is still balanced. The rifle only has eight shots in a clip and can only be fired so fast. This handicap allows it to hit hard and reward players with good aim. Pros like Tfue swear by the new Infantry Rifle, saying it is super good as long as players land hits. If accuracy is no problem, this is the way to go. The eight bullet clip is more than enough to kill an enemy and the bloom is very minuscule.



Choosing the right AR is also very situational. In public games, an AR will be fine since the player can run three or four guns. Having a spray weapon means that a scar, heavy AR or an Infantry Rifle will all do the same thing. However, in competitive games, the thought process is a little bit different. Players usually take a shotgun/AR combo to save room for heals, rifts or specials like stinks. Having only one long-range weapon is a hard choice because it changes the player’s game. With a shotgun/scar, the player can handle any range engagements. This is possible because the scar has a small bloom radius and good damage output.

Choosing the right AR in Fortnite
Example of a 3 gun combo in-game // In-game capture by Nicholas Rivera

If the player wants to run shotgun/heavy AR, they have to be willing to risk hits for damage. The heavy AR will hit harder but is much less likely to hit than a regular AR or a scar. This makes long and mid-range combat easy, but close combat not ideal.

The same thing goes for the Infantry Rifle. Paired with a shotgun, it will be much harder to land shots close range, and there is only a possibility for eight. With a regular AR, there are 30 possible shots at a faster rate, which is much more ideal. Players can also interchange weapons as the game goes on, leaving a stronger rifle behind for some faster shots on target.


In the end, it really comes down to preference. Some players just have really good RNG. If that means bloom isn’t a factor for that player, then, by all means, use that heavy AR up close and personal. For players with great aim, the Infantry Rifle can work at any range.

Lots of players also like the way certain guns shoot. If it is hard to land shots with a blue heavy AR, take the common AR. It is weaker but the probability of landing shots is much higher. Knowing what gun works for that player is what it comes down to, so use what’s comfortable and the kills will come regardless of damage. Just think twice next time that common AR is laying next to the heavy AR.


Feature Image Courtesy of @_NicholasRivera

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