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Fortnite: Choosing Your Last Three Items in Competitive

Choosing the last three items in competitive Fortnite

In competitive Fortnite, the five slots in the inventory are incredibly important. Choosing the last three items in competitive playlists are very important since it can make or break the game. Every person has a different preference, and no meta will work for everyone. In order to choose the right weapons for themselves, a player must have a gameplan in mind. Placement players and kill players will run different loadouts, so first understand which one applies. Once the player figures out their playstyle, learning which loadout will work the best will make those points come easily.


Snipers are a great weapon for anyone in early games and for box players. In game modes like the Gauntlet, players do not have points when a new playlist starts. In order to get into better lobbies, players have to rack up lots of points. This is the perfect time to use a sniper since it allows for range kills an AR will not. Sniping will also allow players to pick up a few extra kills without taking damage from that player. Those few extra points matter in the end, so get those sniper kills early to get to better lobbies faster.

Choosing the last three items in competitive Fortnite
Jackal heavy sniping a wall to shoot an enemy // In game capture by Nicholas Rivera

For late games in events and high point gauntlets, that mindset changes a little bit. Sniping becomes very difficult very fast because better players spend more time in cover. More time in cover and faster editing makes it very hard to snipe better players. In these situations, sniping does not get the player too far unless it is a heavy sniper. Blasting through enemy builds is effective in situational plays, but is risky.

Players who like to lay low and sit in the background, the sniper is for that playstyle. Watching the enemies edit and rotate in is prime sniping time. Some players tunnel on one person when they shoot, making the window for a sniper longer. Most of the time the enemy will be hidden, but that angle does happen. Behind the scenes players tend to take less damage, so three heals slots isn’t always necessary.

Sticky Grenades

Sticky grenades work great if they are saved for late game. Being a more preference based item, sticky grenades offer an interesting twist to explosives. The way the mechanics are, the grenades fall into enemy builds if more than one is stuck to a roof. This makes 100 damage pretty easy to do to an enemy if they do not leave their box and try to rebuild. Scrim type lobbies are ideal for sticky grenades because most players will not want to branch out or will not have the option to. If players’ builds are fresh or built with wood, sticky grenades are very effective.

Choosing the last three items in competitive Fortnite
Jackal throwing sticky grenades at an enemy structure // In game capture by Nicholas Rivera

If the player has good aim, sticking an enemy while they rotate in is also an option. While not as likely as throwing them at a roof, it offers a high reward for good aim. Sticking an enemy in solos allows the player an advantage and leaves the enemy vulnerable. In a duos situation, the enemies will likely box up together, meaning it will damage them both.

Sticky grenades are ideal for early game and become a high-risk item to hold as the points stack up. Early games will be easier since players are not as good, so a kill is more likely. Against better players, kills are harder to get, so that slot is wasted if the grenades do not do damage. Sticky grenades should be left in early point games unless confidence out rules a need for more heals.

Flint-Knock Pistol

The new Flint-Knock pistol is an item that is flashy and not recommended for competitive play. The knockback will make the shooter end up in difficult places or dead off of their builds. The Flint-Knock pistol also deals 90 damage with a lot of bloom, making the risk not worth the reward. The only thing going for this pistol is it resembles a grappler. Jumping and shooting at a player’s own feet will launch them three tiles high, which could be useful for getting out of sticky situations.

Just because this weapon has uses doesn’t mean it is practical. The Flint-Knock pistol is fun to use in public games, but not all that great in competitive. It is great at the start of a game if there are no weapons around, but for late game, heals or a spray weapon are more important. Flashy and aggressive style plays compliment this weapon well, and the current competitive meta is the total opposite of that. Its reload time is also a killer, with a whole three seconds holding a useless gun in the player’s hand. Three seconds is a long time when that storm gets small.

Stink Bombs

Choosing the last three items in competitive Fortnite
Jackal throwing a stink bomb // In game capture by Nicholas Rivera

Stink bombs are an item that are very useful if they last until late game. Players often use them on the first team they fight when it is not necessary. Stink bombs have a much better use late game since players are so huddled together. Dealing five damage per second, they help late game not only for damage but to manipulate players. If the storm is closing and an enemy is weak, a stink bomb will block their path. This causes the enemy to move sideways, where a pump shot from the player who tossed it is waiting. Manipulating players late game is great since it is high stress. It lets the player know where an enemy will go and takes some of that pressure off.

Stink bombs also help to finish or steal kills from other enemies. In solos, players can recognize when an enemy is hurt and try to kill them in their one by one. With the new shield shattering animation and noise, it is easy to see when an enemy is vulnerable. Throwing stinks will help to kill and track enemies inside of builds, so the player will either kill them or rush them. Stink bombs are very practical and effective, but only in late game situations. Saving them will reward the player, but using them too soon leaves a player with an empty slot that could have been used for something better.

RPG/Grenade Launcher

Choosing the last three items in competitive Fortnite
Jackal rocketing a onesie off mids ground // In game capture by Nicholas Rivera

The RPG is a weapon that is a force in late game competitive modes. With the ability to take down high ground and force enemies to build, it is one of the best items to have. Enemies with full health are brought down to 90ish and are forced to stand still and heal or keep moving. The RPG is also great for stealing kills during rotations. With the storm being very mobile in late game, players become pinned between the two and take damage either way. Definitely an item to keep if it is found.

Grenade launchers are better for mid to late game since they are a little more unpredictable. An RPG shoots straight while a grenade can take some weird bounces. Using the grenade launcher midgame is better because it needs more range to work with. Shooting a grenade launcher close range puts the player at risk of harming themselves while shooting at a distance allows damage to be put on enemies without taking any. It also destroys builds allowing other enemies to third party. If the circle is getting small, dropping it for another gun or heals is a better bet.


Choosing the last three items in competitive Fortnite
Jackal using a medkit inside a box // In game capture by Nicholas Rivera

The competitive meta has always been to carry as many heals as possible. With the recent addition of the Baller and 50 health/shield per kill, players aren’t losing that much health anymore. Killing in end game circles becomes who hits more shots, so heals are not as important. The Baller will protect the player inside, so the combination of the two allows for more dexterity in the loadout. Carrying heals just becomes what will heal the player the fastest and most efficient.

Chug jugs are great mid game but late game not so much. With storm constantly moving it is hard to find 15 seconds to stay still. Slurps are great because they heal on the go, the player just has to lay low while it ticks up. Minis should always be in the player’s inventory because they give 25 shields in two seconds, making them the best healing option for fast-paced play. Medkits are not too useful, but in a heal off they will win the game. All of these options are totally up to the player, but decisions should be made based on these points. Chug chugs held until end game are useless, but if the player thinks they can get it off, it’s worth it.


Feature Image Courtesy of @_NicholasRivera

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