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Fortnite: Beginning of in-game tournaments

Tournaments have arrived and the community is divided. Players are thrilled that there is a competitive game mode while others aren’t with its set hours and days to play. The in-game tournament is played like a Skirmish; players can get points for a certain amount of eliminations, placements and a victory royale. Epic has confirmed there’s a matchmaking system but players have their doubts if it is live or not. Those who have taken part in the Tournament have felt the mode to play like a public match. Regardless if you prefer an event or ranked mode, these tournaments are a step in the right direction for competitive Fortnite.

Alpha Tournament rules and Dates // In-game capture by CosineJoe

The new in-game tournament tab

Fortnite Tournament Tab // in-game capture by CosineJoe

The new events tab is located between Challenges and Locker. The player is greeted by movie poster style event details. Players can also keep track of their stats during the event to see where they stack up. The overall visual aesthetic of the new tab looks great and easy to navigate. The rules for each event are clearly displayed. The very last event is Tomato Cup (Duo) starting from October 28 to November 1. No information has been released on what is going to happen beyond those dates.


Day one of Alpha Tournament

The Alpha Tournament had its fair share of confusion and bugs. Points not counting and speculation that Skill based matchmaking is not live are the two biggest issues so far.

Points for Kills not counting in Fortnite Alpha Tournament // in-game capture by CosineJoe

The Alpha Tournament encourages those participating to be aggressive. Getting 3 kills will grant you a point, 5 kills is another and lastly 7 is another one. Unfortunately most players have had the mentality of dropping at Tilted Towers and rack up as many kills as possible; once a player hits that 7 kill mark they die immediately to get into another game as quickly as possible to do it all over again. The flaw in this strategy is that the more points you have the less players in your lobby as time goes on.

Matchmaking during a tournament session will pair players with similar point standings, -Epic games

Players have also been experiencing points not counting. Some players have proof that they reached the 20 point threshold and yet the in-game stat tracker seems to not count them. Epic has not addressed a solution to the issue besides restart your client a few times and some players have found that it has worked while others still don’t have the correct score.

Players should also be aware that when playing in the Alpha Tournament they are paired up against other platforms as well. Most console players may not agree with this. Epic’s main point of argument is that pros such as Nickmercs, Ayden, Kamolrf and Amarcod have proven that console players can hold their own against PC.

Competitors such as NickMercs, Ayden, KamoLRF, and AmarCoD have shown that controller players can be successful while competing against some of the best PC players in the world. -Epic Games

Alpha Tournament is most certainly a game changer for Fortnite. Events that happen every week that unites all platforms together in one competitive scene is very commendable of Epic games. All things considered this wasn’t too bad of a start for a competitive scene to thrive organically in-game. Only time will tell how this Event tab will unfold.

Featured image courtesy of @Cosinejoe

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