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Fortnite Analysis: How to Farm Efficiently

How to Farm Efficiently in Fortnite

One of the most repetitive things a player will do in Fortnite is farm. Farming is impossible to avoid if a player wants to do well, so it is important to learn it. For any basic player, any ol’ structure will do, as long as that player is receiving material they do not care. However, for more advanced gamers, the strategy behind farming is important. With objects all around the map, each one has a preset number of materials it will give a player for farming it. Knowing what objects give a player the most material per hit is important as it will save that player time during a game.

Hit the Circle

How to Farm Efficiently in Fortnite
Lynx hitting a tree prompting the blue marker // In game capture by Nicholas Rivera

The biggest point to stress when farming materials is hitting the blue marker that appears. After a player hits any destructible item, a blue marker appears. When this marker is hit, it allows the player to harvest twice the material in one swing while dealing twice the damage. While this feature is very useful, it is something not every player uses. This is the most critical aspect of farming since it allows you to collect material so much faster. If a player is in an early game situation and needs material fast, that blue marker will save that player’s life. All it takes to hit the blue marker is a slight movement when farming, and everyone can do it. This is a small but viable tweak to farming that will change any player’s experience who is not currently using this feature effectively.


Wood is the most common material players in Fortnite use, and it is also the most readily available. Farming wood is done by hitting objects like trees, walls, and furniture. While there is no right order to farm, there are definitely some things a player can do to quickly increase their material count. The biggest thing is to farm while looting. Once in a building, a player needs to farm everything they pass. This includes chairs, tables, beds, stands or anything else they come across. This will ensure that if a fight breaks out before that player gets outside, they can defend themselves.

How to Farm Efficiently in Fortnite
Lynx farming a wooden pallet // in-game capture by Nicholas Rivera

Players also need to know what types of wooden objects give them the most wood. Wooden pallets are by far the best option, giving 50-60 wood per pallet. A close second are the trees at Wailing Woods and Tomato Temple. Both of these tree types give the same amount of wood, but the trees at wailing have twice the health. This means that in Tomato Temple, players can farm less and achieve the same amount of wood. The third best option are the skinny trees that are most common and spread evenly through the map. These give 26 wood and break after 3 hits if both blue markers are hit after the initial hit. Fencing is also a great material to farm because it gives players 17 wood per break. This may not seem like much, but fencing is often linked to lots of other fencing, making it very quick to farm. Things like walls and structures are not good options because for a lot of hits players don’t get a good mat count. This wastes time and is not effective when players need materials fast.


How to Farm Efficiently in Fortnite
Lynx mining brick in the quarry // In game capture by Nicholas Rivera

Brick is another great building option but is not as common as wood or metal. It is found in three main forms: rocks, junk piles and structures. There are not too many great things to hit for brick however it is still fairly easy to get. When players find brick it is often in its raw form, rocks.

Farming small rocks will not give players much, but large rocks will. While small rocks are very common, they only grant 8-12 brick, which is not sufficient. Larger rocks give players 40 brick and are common in clusters, making it easy to farm when a player finds it. Large piles of junk also grant players 22-26 brick with only three hits, which makes them a great option. Piles of junk are located in places with low material counts and spawn against walls of structures. Tilted Towers has a lot of junk piles, players just miss them because they appear insignificant next to all the building’s trash.


How to Farm Efficiently in Fortnite
Lynx farming an ice cream truck // In game capture by Nicholas Rivera

Metal is pretty common on the Fortnite map but it isn’t as abundant as wood. The most efficient item to farm for metal is cars. Cars are metal in its original state, so it will give you the most per hit. Farming the average car grants a player with 16-25 metal, which is not a lot considering some trees give players 60. Cars are spread out which will make them hard to farm effectively, but cars are still the best source. Ice cream trucks are the best car to mine giving players 35 metal but are far more rare.

Metal is also found as fencing and grants players 17 metal per hit, which again, is not bad as fencing is connected to a lot more fencing. Players can also find metal as junk piles just like brick. The only difference between the two piles is metal junk has two big metal drums. Junk piles are also found in very common places but do not have a great material count, which makes them less effective to mine.

Mass Locations

How to Farm Efficiently in Fortnite
Thrown located inside the castle at Polar Peak // In game capture by Nicholas Rivera

All of the materials in Fortnite have destinations that spawn objects in clusters. Spawning multiple items in one place creates a great spot for players to go and get one specific material to load up on.

For wood, the unnamed location full of shipping containers is full of wooden pallets. Located above retail, this spot has 9 pallets and clusters of brick surrounding it. Salty Springs is also a great option because of all the fencing in the surrounding houses. Quarries located on both sides of Fatal Fields provide tons of rocks for players to farm, nearly filling that player’s inventory. The throne located inside Polar Peak grants 100+ brick as well. For metal, players can look in the desert part of the map for rings of cars. These rings provide a lot of cars in a small space making farming easy. Metal is also abundant along the race track, granting 14-17 metal for each tire section.

Feature Image Courtesy of @_NicholasRivera

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