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Fortnite Analysis: How to Cone

Fortnite Analysis: How to Cone

What is Coning?

Fortnite Analysis: How to Cone
Elite Agent placing roof over opponent’s ramp // In game capture by Nicholas Rivera

Coning is when a player places a roof over another player’s head during a build fight. Coning is relatively easy, but it isn’t something seen a lot in higher level gameplay. Players like ASUS Martoz do this strategy, but coning isn’t really used as a mainstream technique. When a player is in a build battle, the main focus is to get high ground and kill the enemy. Lots of players are caught during mid-fight by being ramped over or are out-built by their enemy. It is true speed kills, but there are always ways to improve building, so speed isn’t the only thing to worry about during the fight. Smart players should simply place a roof in their opponent’s way to stop them from building up in order to gain a small, but vital advantage.

How is it Used?

Fortnite Analysis: How to Cone
Elite Agent taking high ground after coning opponent // In game capture by Nicholas Rivera

The coning technique is used for a few different things. One of the most important parts of Fortnite is farming precious material. When mats are low it is catastrophic when fighting a builder. Outbuilding them is an option, but saving what little mats players have with a roof is always a better one. The roof traps the opponent in place and usually leaves two options on the table. Building up one level and waiting for the opponent to move or editing down on them are the two best moves. Building up higher than the opponent is the safer route to take, especially when health and shield are low. With more flashy or fast-paced style play, a quick roof over the opponent and editing the roof immediately allows the player to catch the opponent off guard with a shotgun. It also allows players to catch opponents with the build menu out, making for an easy headshot and a quick kill.

Benefits of Coning

Coning saves materials while also letting players control the fight. Coning opponents leaves them flustered, so once high ground is taken it is important to keep it. Continuing to roof and/or floor over opponents will keep the dominant spot in the fight and allow control over where the player goes. When roofing an opponent, they will almost always go to the sides or backward. With this knowledge, it allows players to get into a position to take shots right after they trap their opponent. If an opponent panics and freezes up under the cone, players can either make a quick edit or place traps on the inner walls. This leaves the opponent with no option other than death.

Quick Counter

Fortnite Analysis: How to Cone
Elite Agent editing through a roof // In game capture by Nicholas Rivera

When a player finds that their opponent keeps coning over them, there is an easy solution. Players can place their own roof and edit through it, making it very hard for the opponent to trap you. While ramping up, simply place a roof overhead, and edit one side as you get closer to it. The roof protects the player from being trapped and covers their head when running up the ramp. It also helps to retake high ground when it’s lost and protects players on the way up. A friendly roof overhead also ensures a opponent cannot ramp over you, allowing that “backdoor” when escape is needed.


Knowing how an opponent moves in a fight will help to win it and kill them quickly. This makes players less susceptible to being third partied or taking damage from an opponent. Coning is very effective when done properly and with confidence. Moving fast and moving smartly helps to win fights quickly without sacrificing  material or health. This leaves players in great shape for the next fight. Practicing edits and coning strategies on friends is a great way to learn and master them. This works better because there is no pressure of being sent back to the lobby due to a mistake.

Feature Image Courtesy of @_NicholasRivera

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