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Fortnite: Air Royale Tips and Tricks

Air Royale Tips and Tricks

In the new Air Royale Limited Time Mode, players are confined to the skies. With chests to loot, special abilities and a two-way zone, there is a lot to learn. The basics of the game mode are easy to learn, but excelling is a bit harder. Learning the ins and outs of how players behave in planes will help get that Air Royale.


Looting is a skill that anyone can do, but choosing loot during the game is tough. In the early stages of the game, the driver of the plane needs to loot everything. Looting all of the chest not only gives the duo better guns but loads them up on ammo as well. Getting tons of ammo early on is a great way to stay ahead since players won’t have to loot late game.

Air Royale Tips and Tricks
Plane going to collect a purple chest. // In-game capture by Nicholas Rivera

As the game goes on, better chests drop in. As such, making purple and gold chests is key to succeeding. Gold chests give the player a special ability to shoot lasers, which deal 200 damage per shot, making quick work of a plane. Since each chest has a different ability, understanding what chest to hit will also help. If a player needs to freeze someone out to deal with another team, a blue chest will give that ability. Thinking about these things in the air will grant players with an advantage late in the game.

Looting fast is also important because it gives players better guns. Making it to late game without a minigun is super hard since it puts such consistent pressure. Burst or SMG is not bad, but the minigun is ideal. It is also hard to loot late game because better chests drop and players want those abilities. This makes it risky and puts a target on the plane who grabs the chest.


Air Royale Tips and Tricks
Plane going to collect a medkit. // In-game capture by Nicholas Rivera

Healing is essential to maintaining all three lives. With floating red medkits all over the map, players can find heals really anywhere. A lot of times these are gone for early, so they can be hard to find. If players are all done looting, it is a good idea to lay low and eat up meds around the map. This makes it so it’s hard for other teams to heal up without contest. It also allows the players who are using them all to get free kills on weak planes.

Most people who head for meds are weak, so baiting them is another option. Flying overhead allows the player on the wing to see when planes are smoking or heading in. Grabbing the medkit first and pushing them is a great option since it will put that player in an easy spot for kills.

Getting Kills

Air Royale Tips and Tricks
Black knight spraying a plane with a minigun // In-game capture by Nicholas Rivera

Kills are very easy to get by just playing passive. There is no reason to get into a fight that will cause a cluster of planes. Simply getting shots in from a distance is more than enough to gun down plane after plane. Once a plane starts to smoke, it is important to decide how to handle attacking. Players can push that plane very hard, but a few others might have the same idea. Pushing hard and killing them quickly is rewarding, but another team may come with vengeance. Passively shooting at it is a good option, but the damage may not be enough for that kill.

Another easy way to get kills is to really use those abilities. For example, the blue chest ability freezes opponents for a set amount of time. Using that freeze ability, target a team who has another plane weak. This will disable the attacking plane who did all the work, leaving the players to finish off the weak enemies. The lower tier rockets are super hard to aim and the damage payout isn’t great. Staying back and using the regular gun with a minigun on the wing is the safest bet. In case players feel risky, that gold chest will grant those lasers which are overpowering. If the players make it there first, every enemy is in trouble. If not, the duo may have just lost a life.


Example of a plane being frozen during a maneuver. // In-game capture by Nicholas Rivera

Planes are easy to move around with, but advanced control lets players engage or escape tougher fights. For tracking down a plane, holding the brake while turning makes it easy to stay on them. If the plane is close, breaking and turning allow for tight corners and easy turns to keep on the enemy. The move is risky to do for too long since it does keep the player in a more stagnant position.

Another great maneuver is the half loop into a twist. Most players move side to side, but lateral movement is a great way to lose someone. Doing a half loop into the air and then bailing to one direction forces the enemy to track the player much better than just a turn. It might not get the players out of a fight but put them in a better offensive position. Players who move in two different directions are harder to track, so it will also buy time to get to a medkit if there is one nearby.

Extra Lives

Black Knight attempting to land on an enemy plane. // In-game capture by Nicholas Rivera

When all else fails, taking over a plane is the only way to get lives back. If a teammate jumps onto a plane and can take it over, they win that life. This is easier said than done, but setting it up isn’t that hard. If a duo is getting shot from behind, the pilot should pull up. This will give the duo height and one person can jump off. Then the partner who didn’t jump needs to bring the plane back down while the other is gliding.

The enemy plane will most likely follow and get lower than the teammate gliding. This makes it easy for the glider to drop right onto the enemy plane and kill the two people on board. While it is better said than done, taking over a plane is a more last resort technique. It may not work out perfectly, but if it does, it is super satisfying to outplay an enemy plane.


Feature Image Courtesy of @_NicholasRivera

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