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Fortnite: Aiming Tips and Tricks

Fortnite aiming tips and tricks

In every game of Fortnite, players are going to run into one another. Building will help win players fights, but shooting is the other half of that equation. If players cannot land shots both long and short range, that player will die and be sent back to the lobby. Aiming is an essential part of Fortnite and does not come easy for everyone. There are players who need to work and train accuracy, especially players who switch from console to PC. Playing in-game will help but some players want more, and there are plenty of options for these players.

Flick Shots

Fortnite aiming tips and tricks
Lynx activating clay pigeon shooter // In game capture by Nicholas Rivera

The most important shot to learn, especially close range, is the flick shot. A flick shot is when a player quickly snaps to a target that is off-center or off-screen from the reticle and shoots. This is a hard skill to master and comes with practice. A great way to practice this tactic in-game is the clay pigeon shooters. Players must go to a shooter and turn it on then stand in front of it. As the clay discs fly overhead, the player can snap to the disk and shoot it out of the sky with a shotgun. For added difficulty, players can stand further in front of the shooter so they have less time to shoot the disc.

Players can also practice this tactic in creative mode with the dummies. Players who want to train short range must place a dummy and jump past it, turning back and flicking towards the target. The targets can also be placed on high ground, enabling players to flick upwards as well. For sniper flick training, players can simply place the targets far away. This allows players to work on dragging the scope towards the enemy and firing at the right time.


Fortnite aiming tips and tricks
Lynx mid-crouch to put her barrel over her ramp // In game capture by Nicholas Rivera

Every Fortnite player has to learn how to peek. Peeking is not the safest move, but in certain situations is very effective. Peeking is when a player crouches and un-crouches to shoot over their structure. This is super effective for gunfights where standing above cover is too dangerous for the player. Instead, peeking allows players to put shots down with minimal risk. The most important part of peeking is to make sure that the gun barrel makes it over the ramp the player is on. When the barrel is not over the ramp, a red x will appear and it means players cannot shoot past the ramp. With some practice, players can master the art of peeking and fire easy shots at enemies.

The only time players should not peek is if the enemy has a sniper. A sniper shot is lethal for peeking because the player isn’t moving, just crouching up and down. This makes the timing for a sniper super easy and is an effortless headshot for the enemy. Instead, the player should not contest or wait until the enemy gets closer to avoid being damaged early on in the fight. Being unpredictable helps as well with your peeks.


Fortnite aiming tips and tricks
Leading the target to fall into the shot // In game capture by Nicholas Rivera

The difference between a good sniper and a great one is timing. Any player can grab a sniper and hit a target standing still, hitting a moving target is a bit different. In order to hit a target on the run, players need to lead that person and know when to pull the trigger. Unlike normal weapons, sniper shots take time to get to the target, so adjusting height and lead is important.

In the image to the right, the player shooting the gun has led his opponent by aiming under him. This ensures that when the player falls, the bullet will be there when the enemy hits the ground. It is a simple concept that takes a lot of practice to perfect. Players can easily set up training in creative with the bots or work on it in game. This skill is great to have in situations where the enemy must rotate to a zone that the player is already in. It puts pressure on the enemy and gives the player an easy opportunity to land some damage before the fight gets close.

Taking sniper timing a step further would be practicing quick scopes, which can be lethal close range if mastered.

Aim Training

For players looking to get further help in training aim, there is still another option. For PC players, games like Kovaak’s FPS aim trainer offer a lot of help in games like Fortnite. Console players, however, do not have this same luxury. Well, YouTuber itsJerian has some great coverage on a creative map in Fortnite for aim training. The video outlines how to go through the course and what to do as you move through it. The game has a code any Fortnite player can use in creative mode, and it is free to play. Now all players on every platform have access to some kind of aim trainer if they want to expand beyond playing in game. The video can be found by clicking here.


Feature Image Courtesy of @_NicholasRivera and inspired by @cosinejoe

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