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Fortnite Adds Daryl Dixon and Michonne from Walking Dead

Walking Dead Fortnite

After announcing the rumored Master Chief would be joining Fortnite and the rest of the hunters like the Mandalorian, Epic Games surprised everyone. They brought in Daryl Dixon and Michonne for the AMC hit series, The Walking Dead. These two wont be available as soon as Master Chief is but they are coming soon.

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The addition of Daryl Dixon and Michonne was absolutely an out of left field choice for this game. It is interesting to wonder whether Epic Games or AMC were the ones to reach out. Either way, for fans of the beloved series, they will be happy to have some of their favorite characters added to such a popular game.

These two will be added to the game on December 15, 2020.

Speaking of, Fortnite continues to be a major part of popular culture. After a major Marvel event and doing Star Wars previously, they continue to stretch their wings. Adding the fan bases of Star Wars again, Halo and Walking Dead makes it feel like they could add anything and anyone. Could someone like Captain Picard and Spock be in this game too? Who would put it past them at this point?

Either way, as The Game Award goes on and as Fortnite continues to add more characters, keep it here at The Game Haus for continued updates.

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