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Fortnite’s Chaotic Balance

In Fortnite a sizable margin of the player success is attributed to randomness. Floor loot and chests determine the early game potential and dictate the rhythm. However, most high skill players can push past that. With this in mind the late game still moves according to what weapons the player is able to acquire.

During a lot of patch dates, the shift of the meta makes the players uncomfortable, at times splitting the player base, and creating controversy. Even professional players find themselves arguing over many of the recent changes. Many events in Fortnite history have changed everything up, like the SMG meta, the addition of the glider redeploy and the mounted turret. Here we will discuss the twists and turns that Fortnite has taken during the past, and try to see what Epic may be able to learn from it.

Submachine Gun Meta

The release of the Compact SMG marks the start of this meta as it released in an overpowered state. It stomped everyone in its path with no problem whatsoever.

Fortnite's Chaotic Balance
SMG – Image: Dexerto

The tactical SMG was replaced by a more powerful SMG. It became a problem, and Epic games eventually found a way to solve this meta games issues. After Epic brought to earth the SMG’s, the Drum Gun became the core of the metagame. Its potential came from it being able to replace an Assault Rifle because of its range, and still shred through enemies at close range like they were nothing. To make this even worse, during one of the past patches building had been nerfed. Players felt hopeless, and people started to protest everywhere. During this time the “Fortnite is dying” video came out, it summed up most of the community’s discontent and set out a definite opinion.

Posts about this issue plagued the Fortnite Reddit and frustration kept rising. Epic had to take action, as a result buffing building and entirely removing the Drum Gun from the game. This finally restructured the metagame, and the “SPAM” meta, as many called it, vanished.


Fortnite's Chaotic Balance
Image of Clingers – Image: Dexerto

Splodes or explosive weapons are to this day a giant point of controversy in the game. In the past clingers were able to destroy enemy building and kill players in one go.

It got out out of control, and the potential of the remote explosives started shining. Both the clingers, and the remote explosives stuck to a building, and caused massive destruction. Epic figured out a way to balance the clingers, but the remote explosives were not so lucky. They tried time and time again to reach proper balance , but in the end their home became the vault.

Epic also tried to put in place a feature were explosive damage went through structures. Due to this change rants were everywhere. The community openly expressed how Splodes were borderline overpowered. This change made little to no sense, and eventually it was reverted in a hotfix. Splodes still stand at a controversial point. However not powerful enough to frustrate the community.

As of November 20th Epic games implemented the dynamite. An item that nobody wanted, and many dread. Adding an explosive to the game adds to the tension created by Fortnite’s lack of consistency.

Glider Redeploy

A while ago Epic games released the “Soaring 50’s” game mode. It allowed players to skydive, and open their gliders after dropping from a certain height. It was praised, and loved by the community. Most players that wanted to acquire skill, used this game mode to try out new things.

Epic eventually implemented this feature as a way of testing it. The “Glider redeploy test” changed everything in the metagame. It gave players the ability to escape build fights, and increased their mobility potential. Third party engagements increased, causing the difficulty of the average engagement to increase.

It became one of the biggest points of controversy in Fortnite’s history. Players either loved it or hated it. The pros were in constant discussion about the issue, never really reaching a consensus.

In the end Epic games removed this feature from its standard game modes finally ending its test. Players were left either happy or frustrated because of its removal.

The Controversial Turret

Fortnite's Chaotic Balance
The Mounted Turret – Image: Dexerto

The Mounted Turret released in an over-powered state. Its floor was immune to damage which made it very hard to take down. Adding to this the hitbox of the player using it shrunk to an almost invulnerable size, frustrating players trying to take it down. To top it all off, the damage potential the turret possessed was huge.

Epic has taken action to tone it down, however it’s still a subject of controversy. The drop rate it has is too high, and it is found everywhere. It has even gotten victories in the highest skill lobbies, as a player won a scrim by utilizing it in the final circle.

Many players believe this is weapon that shouldn’t be in Fortnite. It adds more problems to the game that the community does not want. Epic is slowly toning it down, but it still feels out of place. For it to fit into the game it needs to be turned upside down, maybe vaulting it for it to be reworked.

What now?

Epic games has a history of taking dangerous routes. They have buffed Splodes, introduced items that nobody desired, and drastically changed the game time and time again. But, we need to believe in them. So when Epic screws up, voicing the community’s opinions is necessary. As a game developer they have shown how much they care about their community.

Epic must be learning from all the controversy they created. So let’s give them some time to reach a balance that satisfies the community. Because between all of the constant changes, something great will arise.

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Featured photo from Epic

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