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Tweek Dominates EGLX 2018, could the rest of the season be next?

This Smash 4 season has been one of the most interesting to date. Kicking off with the best player in the world retiring, the race for the top spot is more wide open than ever. But of all of the players projected to take the top spot, I rarely hear Phoenix 1 Gavin “Tweek” Dempsey get mentioned. Based on how he’s performed as of late, I think that’s sure to change.

EGLX 2018

ELGX 2018 wrapped up last week with Tweek winning yet another Smash 4 singles tournament. He recently won King of the spring a few weeks ago as well and his momentum definitely picking up.

Tweek at EVO 2018

Tweek didn’t drop a single set in both of these tournaments, dominating the bracket. He also boasts notable victories over the likes of Dabuz, C9 Ally, Samsora and team YP Fatality. Now these weren’t the most stacked tournaments ever but that shouldn’t discredit Tweek’s play. He managed to place first in two consecutive tournaments, taking no losses in the process.

Tweek took sets off of Ally, Wadi (twice) and Samsora at EGLX and  really opened the eyes of the community. Tweek has always been very consistent and was ranked fifth in the world in the PGR V4. But for one reason or another he sometimes gets overlooked. With these wins under his belt and all of this newfound momentum, that conversation may change. Tweek playing this well and winning consecutive may come as a surprise for some but he is also surprising people with something else.

A new Main?

Cloud has been Tweek’s main character choice for as long as he’s been in the game, switching to him from Bowser jr. Many revere him as the best Cloud in the world, but he may have a new main to take to tournaments. We’ve seen Tweek dabble with Bayonetta in the past and pretty successfully at times. But based on the three tournaments he’s participated in this year, he’s been practicing. Tweek ran through the bracket at EGLX with Bayonetta, only using Cloud in one set. He used her primarily in all three tournaments this year and based on his results it’s working. To put it bluntly, Tweek’s Bayonetta is serious.

Liquid Salem is seen as the best Bayonetta and ranked second in the world last year. Tweek faced him in a Bayonetta ditto at Frostbite 2018 and defeated him 3-1, knocking him out of the tournament.

Tweek dominates the Bayonetta Ditto

He has wins over all of the top Bayonetta players including Lima and EMG Mistake. Tweek owns the Bayonetta ditto and has proven that his Bayonetta is much more than a secondary. Now I’m not sure if we can say that Tweek is a Bayonetta main just yet. But I don’t think it’s too big of a reach to say that he could possibly be the best Bayonetta player. The results simply speak for themselves.

A rude awakening

I think one big reason for Tweeks success this year is that his Bayonetta plays different than others. All Bayonetta players put their own personal twist on the character and Tweek is no exception.

Tweek’s Bayonetta could prove to be a terrifying matchup for players

Bayonetta is the best character in the game obviously, but she certainly isn’t a pickup and play character. She takes time, and practice to be able to play effectively which actually plays into opponents hands. Just about every Bayonetta player has been playing the character long enough for other players to figure out their tendencies. With Tweek beginning to use her much more in the past few months, not many have experience playing against his Bayonetta.

I honestly think players face tweek’s Bayonetta and get thrown into the proverbial deep end. They aren’t familiar with how he plays the character and get thrown off guard when he handles the matchups in a different way. I think that if Tweek continues to play this well he could be a huge threat this season. Not many top players have experience playing his Bayonetta and this could lead to many victories. Only time will tell as the biggest tournaments of the year are months away. But with this season being as wide open as it is, people should keep a close eye on Phoenix 1 Tweek.

Do you think Tweek could rise to the top this Season, let us know what you think down below!


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