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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Top Players So Far

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate made its market debut just over two months ago. Seeing it as a new frontier, the competitive scene embraced it, bringing us a multitude of tournaments. Melee players even try to make it big in this new game, and the highlight reel keeps lighting up.

Over 15 major tournaments help provide a picture of the clear contenders for number one player in Ultimate. Taking this into account, it’s time to praise the few players that have put the time to make it big thus far.

Two different sections will divide the players here. First, the contenders are those extremely talented players that have proven to be the real deal. Their standing comes from their performances at majors, and the level of consistency they have achieved.

The second section is to point out who arguably has become the top player in Ultimate. It will back the placing and elaborate on why this player deserves this spot.



top smash ultimate players
TSM Tweek, a player that has made strides and gotten himself to this list – Image: ESPN

Gavin “Tweek” Dempsey hits this list as a contender. Sporting three different majors in his belt, Tweek has proven to be a real threat among the top players.

In the Smash 4 era, he was always one of the best, but in Ultimate, his playstyle has clearly evolved beyond what it was prior. His adaptability solidifies him as one of the most dangerous players top players have to face in bracket.

In Glitch 6, he used Young Link, a character that he practiced for three days, and got results against players like Nairoby “Nairo” Quezada and Chris “WaDi” Boston – both top talent from different regions that had proven themselves as challengers.


Zackray is the 16-year-old Japanese Wolf main that achieved insane levels of consistency. Out of nine tournaments he attended, he placed first at seven of them.

In Genesis 6, the most stacked tournament in Ultimate’s competitive run so far, he got fifth place. To make it even more impressive, he only lost a single match on his way to the top eight.

Zackray wasn’t a known player in the Smash 4 era, but Ultimate is proving to be his time to shine. At the moment, he lacks results against Western players, but as time progresses, he should deliver. Due to his solid play and dominance over the Japanese scene, Zackray is a player well worth remembering as Ultimate’s competitive life progresses.


top smash ultimate players
VoiD’s run at Genesis solidifies his placing on this list. – Image: Team Liquid

James “VoiD” Makekau-Tyson the talented Socal native that proved to be one of the top Smash 4 players deserves praise for his results.

He is arguably the weakest member of this list, but his placement at Genesis 6 established him as the real deal. VoiD tore through almost everyone, only falling to Leonardo “MKLeo” Lopez.

To add to his list of feats, he won Super Splat Bros. and SoCal Chronicles. Both major tournaments with a significant number of entrants.

VoiD is still finding a sweet spot for his performance. Seeing as he uses Pichu, the lightest character of the game, there is still a lot to improve on. Nonetheless, watching him play is still mesmerizing as his technical skill is off the charts.

The Champion


At this point, MKLeo is the best. While he hasn’t won it all, he has a list of key victories put him up here.

His tournament wins include Heart of battle, Genesis 6 and Smash Conference United. All in which he defeated top smash talent. In Genesis 6, he defeated VoiD twice to reset the bracket and get the crown. A feat that shows his vast skill.

To make things even better, he has done this all while mostly playing Ike –  a character that arguably doesn’t size up to the top tiers this game has to offer.

He also has Cloud and Lucina under his belt, but he rarely switches out of his main. All of this solidifies himself as the best as of the second month of Ultimate.

Seeing as Ultimate is still young, any player still has the potential to make this list. However, these four talented players are the best this game has to offer at the moment.


Featured image provided by dbltap.

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