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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Overcoming Loss

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Nobody forgets the first time they attended a tournament. The energy everyone shares as they carry a passion for the same game floods the air. As a rookie, one is maybe aiming for the top, or just eager to swap blows with the best players of the local region. Countless nights of training have been spent, and then it happens…

After wandering around the venue for some time the rookie finally gathers the courage to ask for some friendlies. Both players sit down in a setup and proceed. Then, without much effort, the rookie gets utterly defeated. They walk away trying to convince themselves that it was a fluke and the other player just got lucky.

Another hour passes and the tournament begins, and in thirty minutes he gets double eliminated. The apparent skill difference between players is un-measurable. Top eight showcases what the best can do, and it sends shivers down the rookie’s spine. Next thing you know a dream is born. A dream to place in the top of the region.

The first tournament a player attends has the power to become nightmare fuel or to birth a competitor. All due to the harsh learning curve that Smash Bros. possesses.

Every player’s story begins in a similar fashion. The path they must take becomes apparent, and a choice lays on the table. “Should I quit?”, echoes in the player’s mind. If the decision to keep going is picked, then they must prepare for the future. Harsh times will come, and players must be ready to face them.

Overcoming 0-2

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Overcoming Loss
Genesis is a prestigious tournament series that always has high-quality Smash – Image: Metroactive

Right now Ultimate’s timeline is beginning. Taking that into account, countless players have already taken their first loss. Some new to the scene, others seasoned veterans. However, all sharing the same result.

Going 0-2 in a tournament feels horrible. After all the practice put in, a sense of undisputed loss is felt. Depending on the situation one may not have a silver lining about one’s tournament play. A loss is a loss.

What was previously described is a losers mindset. Winners always try to put themselves in a positive frame of mind. A 0-2 is just evidence of all the room a player has to grow.

Defeat is a dish that everyone has had in their lives. To make the best of it, players should use it to fuel the competitive fire that burns within. A lively fire will carry a player through winter making sure he gets to see the bright summer.

Sometimes it’s hard to see past the current loss, but one must remember the set goal. Losing a battle doesn’t mean the war is over. Constant training is needed to move forward and seize the victory.

Make Friends

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Overcoming Loss
Make friends and party up to keep growing as a player – Image: Kotaku

Tournaments are perfect places to meet people with the potential to become great comrades. Players attending tournaments most likely all have the same goal of making it to the top. Buddying up with a player possessing a higher level of ambition helps to fuel the competitive fire that burns within.

Finding a good sparring partner can speed up a player’s growth exponentially. Also, having a rival to go against in future tournaments helps keep all the motivation alive.


Players have the potential to leave tournaments with more than a loss. In Smash, drips of knowledge can swing a game towards one side or the other. To gain more knowledge, tournaments serve as libraries. Players are the books that provide a wealth of information.

If a loss occurs, players must make it their mission to get as much experience as possible. Fighting the random Kirby main might be of future use, as it offers an opportunity to play against a niche character.

Collecting information helps players grow exponentially.

In the end

To keep the competitive fire booming, players must grow dedication inside them. The game must be enjoyed and sought after because if not it will be eventually dropped by the competitor. So everyone keep your head up and keep fighting!

Featured image courtesy of VGBC

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