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Super Smash Bros.: Matchup Knowledge

When competing in Super Smash Bros., there are a lot of things a player needs to improve in order to “get good”. This can be compared to adding tools inside a toolkit. The elements inside this toolkit push players to achieving their maximum potential. A really important tool that resides in the kit is matchup knowledge.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate possesses over 70 characters at the moment, becoming the fighting game with the largest amount of playable characters on the market. This adds to the already steep learning curve the game carries. All the diversity offered makes it so that players need to gain a lot of experience to be truly proficient. In this vast roster, most characters have their unique moves and specials that need to be acknowledged to stand a chance against them.

To get better odds at victory, one must find ways to prepare and learn the different characters qualities and combos. Having the matchup knowledge can make a ginormous difference on who comes out in top, so it’s one of the vital things that a player needs to acquire. Now, let’s go over how to prepare and gain as much matchup experience as possible.

Attend Tournaments

Attend tournaments to spark growth as a player and someday hopefully make it to the main stage on EVO – Image: ssbnation

This first point is a very simple one. Attending tournaments full of competitive players will get anyone more knowledge than beating their brother over and over again. So players must put themselves out there and gather information. Tournaments are sanctuaries for Smash players. Even if one goes down early in the bracket, the knowledge accumulated from mingling with others is more than enough to make it worth the player’s time.

As of now, we find ourselves in the very early stages of Ultimate, and many characters are underdeveloped. Currently, a lot of information about the different characters is very scarce. In tournaments, someone might show us the way, and showcase something never before seen. This adds to the wealth that these competitive environments carry, and can really benefit anyone looking to improve their game.

Having so many people that specialize in a game under one roof can help to cultivate talent through shared knowledge. All the different characters being played offer perfect opportunities to learn different matchups. So local tournaments can really expand on a players character knowledge, and give them new things to watch out for.


Arena mode offers the potential to play with multiple friends and grind those matchups – Image:

Not everyone can attend tournaments regularly. So a cheap replacement can be playing online. The current state of online play is fair at best, but one can still gather information. Just take into account that when playing offline, things will be different.

However, one can improve their matchup knowledge by fighting online. Even if the majority of players aren’t really talented at the game, every once in a while someone good will appear. Opportunities like this are perfect to take some notes, and level up as a player.


Experimenting with different characters can be a way to supplement matchup knowledge. When all the other options fail, this is as good as it gets. So hitting the lab or playing a friend for awhile can add up to at least an idea of the matchup. Playing as the character also adds the possibility of expanding character knowledge. Such as noticing their obvious flaws and strengths.

On the road to becoming a top player, there are many stops. This is just one of those that takes a lot of time and effort. So try to find a decent sparing partner, and put some work into the masterpiece that is Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.


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