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What to Expect From the SFV Summer Update Show

SFV Summer Update Show

Street Fighter V continues to grow during the game’s fifth content season. The SFV Summer Update on August 3 presents new information about Street Fighter V’s development and upcoming content. As SFV update shows have done in the past, this stream will include insight from the dev team about changes being made and their goals for the game.

During the Spring Update show on April 6, in-depth gameplay footage for Rose was finally shown. SFV fans also finally saw footage of Oro, a character not seen since Street Fighter III.


SFV Oro Summer Update
The Summer Update will spotlight Oro’s SFV gameplay. Source: Capcom

Following the positive reception of Rose and Dan in season five, Oro aims to continue the trend of more unique characters in the roster. While he fought with just one arm in Street Fighter III, Oro now carries a pet turtle into battle. This is to circumvent issues with animating him switching arms in a 3D game.

During the Summer Update stream, expect to see much more detailed gameplay of the fighter like Capcom showed for Rose in the spring. This will likely coincide with a release date for Oro, assumed to be sometime within weeks of the update show.


SFV Akira Summer Update
The Summer Update will give fans more insight on how Akira functions in SFV. Source: Capcom

While Oro is next in line for SFV releases, the dev team has more to show during the broadcast. With a gameplay tease shown during the Spring Update, Rival Schools’ Akira joins Street Fighter V sometime after Oro.

As a guest character, Akira raises questions about how she will be worked into the system of Street Fighter V. Developer explanation of her gameplay during the Summer Update will reveal more about the character’s capabilities and identity in the roster, though a deeper look during a later update stream will probably give more insight.


Street Fighter League Summer Update
The 2021 SFL season will be discussed during the Summer Update. Source: Capcom

The SFV Summer Update announcement also mentions “and more” that will be discussed alongside the promise of Oro and Akira. Street Fighter V features one more unannounced DLC fighter in season five, and there is a chance the reveal happens during this broadcast. Fans theorize about characters like Makoto or Fei Long returning, but Capcom may soon reveal the final character.

In the past, Capcom used additional stream time to show off new content like stages and costumes for Street Fighter V. They also announced that during the stream, more information will be shared about the 2021 Street Fighter League season. Capcom managed to run the previous season despite pandemic complications, so the new season may be easier for them to organize.

The SFV Summer Update will take place on August 3 at 3:00 PM PDT. The stream can be found at the official Capcom Fighters Twitch channel.


Featured image courtesy of Capcom

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