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Street Fighter 5

SFV Bonus Character for Pros: Are you Ready to Play Eleven?

On February 22, Capcom released a huge update for Street Fighter V: Champion Edition. That’s the start of Season 5, the final one for the fifth installment of this iconic game series. The players got quite a few super significant changes: a new character, Dan Hibiki, adjustments in abilities of other fighters, and even a totally new gameplay mechanic, named V-Shift.

Another one interesting addition to SFV is the bonus character Eleven. This creature may seem to be not that exciting, but it’s better not to miss him and the abilities he opens for the community. To play Eleven effectively, you should know all the other Street Fighter V characters very well. And this is an impressive skill – just visit DashFight to check out the size of SFV character roster and how different those fighters are.

But who is that Eleven anyway? And how is he more difficult than all the other characters?

Created in the Secret Society’s laboratory

The story of Street Fighter is not that significant for the actual fighting excitement. And still, it’s nice to know the basic powers in that world and what they are fighting for.

There is the evil organization Shadaloo with its leader M. Bison trying to rule the world. And there are brave noble warriors that try to stop Shadaloo – such as Guile and Chun-Li. And there is another organization, named the Secret Society with god-like leader Gill who is also going to rule the world. Some of the most popular characters are part of no organization and seek self-perfection – Ryu and Ken.

Are you still following here? Then let’s return to Eleven. In the story, he has a connection to the Secret Society. Eleven was created in the laboratory – they did something with the plants to get this fighter. His will is blank, and any power in the SF world can use Eleven for their purposes.

So, whoever you sympathize with in the Street Fighter story, Eleven has a chance to fit into your list of awesome personalities.

Does he exist in fights?

The best way to get to know any fighting game character is to take them to your match and see what they are capable of. It would be hard to do with Eleven. Ok, you actually can start a fight with this creature, but even before the start of the first round, he will disappear.

It’s the trickiest part of this bonus character – Eleven is a mimic fighter that has no his own attacks and abilities in fights. Yes, you definitely can say he doesn’t exist on battlegrounds.

Whenever you choose to play Eleven, he randomly transforms into any other fighter from your roster. And that’s why you never know who you will control this time.

So, it turns out that Eleven is really the most difficult character – he can be anyone. For a player, it’s an immense challenge! You should be good at all the fighters you have in the game to risk even playing Eleven, not mentioning to hope winning something.

How to train for Eleven?

The plan of becoming good at playing Eleven in Street Fighter V is pretty much the same as developing your skills with any other character – with the only difference that you need to repeat it many times.

  1. Finish the Character Story with one fighter – just to get a general understanding.
  2. Play this fighter in the Arcade Mode for fun.
  3. Learn available Unique Attacks, Special Moves, and V-System in the Training Mode.
  4. Practice basic combos in Trials.
  5. Polish your skills in Arcade and Survival Mode.
  6. Jump into online Multiplayer– first Casual Matches and only then Ranked
  7. Watch/read guides on how to play this fighter. Enjoy professional esports matches with this character (of the high level, such as Capcom Pro Tour, for example).
  8. Repeat the plan with another character.

Each new fighter will be a bit easier to learn – controlling patterns often repeat, and experience with one character is helpful with the others.

Remember, Eleven can become anyone with any V-Skill and V-Reversal, so you need to know all the fighters and all their abilities.

Why bother anyway?

That’s a good question! Street Fighter has a huge competitive community. In fact, the biggest joy of this and other fighting games is to play matches against other real people – and of course, win them.

It’s a very good feeling when you get victories with your main character. And also, it’s good to know that you can win quite a lot with your second-and even third-choice fighters. But how diverse are your skills? When do you crush into your own limitations?

It’s easy to say that Eleven SF5 is a kind of bragging. Even selecting this creature for a match is a way to show off. And then winning the fight with a random character – this is the way of gaining respect! Are you pro enough to do so?

How to get Eleven into your game?

Feel intrigued? Then be ready to pay for this bonus character – or rather for Season 5. Purchase Character Pass or Premium Pass, and you’ll get Eleven as a bonus.

You can buy Dan Hibiki and other new DLC characters from SFV Season 5 with Fight Money – with a lot of them (500,000). But you can’t do this internal currency trick for Eleven. He is available only with the Passes.

Can we expect to see Street Fighter pros playing Eleven?

The first fully mimic character in the whole Street Fighter series – the professional players would not miss this addition. And they would be glad to show off their skills on Twitch streams and during various friendly matches. Still, it’s rather unlikely they will risk playing Eleven at esports tournaments.

You don’t want to lose prize money and the champion title only because that tricky thing has turned into the one fighter you are not the best with. Street Fighter pros have main characters for a reason – and it’s not Eleven at all.

On the one hand, Eleven is a character for super-skilled players (with the power to motivate you to reach that level). On the other hand, playing him is so much fun for everyone! From the possibility of bragging to the chance of just having lots of laughs with your friends, Eleven is one of the best ideas of Street Fighter V developers, so don’t sleep on it.

Thanks for reading! Let us know what your thoughts are on the article!