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Luke Announced For Street Fighter V

SFV Luke Announced

During the Summer Update show, Capcom announced Luke as the final character for Street Fighter V. A newcomer to the franchise, Luke is an American martial artist that fights with close-ranged punches and kicks. Luke also appears to have flaming punch projectiles and charged attacks, likely tied into the V-system mechanics.

During the stream, developers mentioned that Luke offers a “glimpse into the future” of Street Fighter. While Luke is the final character for Street Fighter V, this may hint that he is already locked in for the next game’s roster.


Also announced during the Summer Update, Oro and Akira release on August 16. Both characters releasing on the same day breaks a cycle of single-character releases so far during season five, and Akira also receives her own stage in SFV.

Akira Oro SFV
Akira and Oro join Street Fighter V on August 16. Source: Capcom

Oro’s move list will feel familiar for those who played the character in Street Fighter III, though changes through the V-system provide interesting new options for him. With old super moves now integrated into V-Skills and V-Triggers, Oro will give technical players many new tools to master.

Akira’s gameplay stays true to her original game, Rival Schools. Though she is a guest character, her air combos remain in her gameplay as a V-Trigger. She can even call in her brother Daigo as an assist through another V-Trigger option.


Cammy Guile Fortnite
Street Fighter’s Cammy and Guile join the battle in Fortnite. Source: Capcom

Following the success of Ryu and Chun-Li, Cammy and Guile will now join the list of Fortnite crossovers. These legacy Street Fighter characters join numerous other pop culture icons in Epic Games’ battle royale title.

Though both feature slight tweaks to their traditional looks, the duo represent Street Fighter II’s old-school roster. Cammy now sports black leggings with her original outfit, while Guile has an atypical five o’clock shadow. The two characters have emotes inspired by their move lists, with Cammy’s cannon spike and a flash kick for Guile.


The last major announcement during the Summer Update show was the return of Street Fighter League. Pro teams included in Street Figher League US are Panda, UYU, Nordavind, NASR, Bandits and Giants. SFL Japan also returns as a separate competition with qualifying events and a live draft. While new seasons begin in October, the Japan qualifiers begin later in August.

Recent update news has many fans excited about Street Fighter, as Luke seems to mark the end of SFV character releases but leads into preparation for the next installment. Since the recent change in producers for the franchise, Street Fighter is poised for an exciting rest of 2021 while the community looks ahead towards the future.


Featured image courtesy of Capcom

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