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Smash at Xanadu is back and better than ever

When VG Bootcamp announced that they would be closing the iconic Xanadu games venue back in January, people were shocked. Xanadu was a staple in the Maryland-Virginia Smash scene and was loved by many. So when VGBC announced that Xanadu would be making a return to a new, bigger venue in Maryland, the hype was real. The new Xanadu is a much bigger and better venue for smash and the reception from the community was amazing. The new venue is more than people could ever ask for. Xanadu reopened for their weekly Smash 4 tournament and it was an instant classic.

Special Guest

A new venue is sure to attract top players and this Xanadu was no exception. Just about all of the old regulars were in attendance as well as a special guest.

Dabuz was poised to Dominate the Maryland Smash Venue

The Xanadu regulars fought an uphill battle all tournament against Samuel “Dabuz” Buzby, the #6 player in the world. Dabuz hails from New York so the MD-VA natives certainly had a chip on their shoulders. Confidence boost aside, Dabuz dominated the tournament. He didn’t lose a single set and coasted his way to a winners bracket 3-0 victory over Chris “Wadi” Boston. Dabuz won it all but the tournament as a whole was definitely one to remember

Running the GAUNTLET

There were many great match ups  throughout the tournament and a few definitely caught my eye. Mr. E Vs ZD in losers semis was a very interesting set.

Mr. E’s Sheik certainly impressed!

Mr. E is usually known for his Marth/Lucina but he switched it up by picking Sheik. Many were skeptical about this pick because he rarely picks away from his mains but it turned out to be a great decision. Mr. E got off to a bit of a shaky start in game 1, barely clutching out the game. ZD came right back with a vengeance and won game 2 in a last hit situation. Mr. E battled back and won with a dominating Game 3 performance to take the set and prove that his Sheik isn’t just a plash in the pan.

Winners Finals was a crazy 20 minuet set between Dabuz and Wadi and was not without controversy. Game 1 was intense and went down to the last hit. Wadi’s MewTwo was at very high percent and was fighting back hard to make a comeback. Dabuz’s Rosalina and Luma however has something to say about that. Wadi miraculously hit a disable on Rosalina but with Luma still active Dabuz was able to triple jab MewTwo and send him flying. Dabuz absolutely escaped game one and narrowly avoided the comeback. The rest of the set was back and forth and looked to be tipping in Wadi’s favor. With a 2-1 lead going into game 4 things looked good for Wadi, but this didn’t last long. Dabuz fought back with a great game 4 that tied the set 2-2.

Till the bitter end

Despite any controversy, Dabuz deserves all the credit for this historic victory!

On to game 5, a hard fought battle that could have easily went either way. Dabuz dominated the second stock, but Wadi made another convincing comeback attempt. Just as Wadi had Dabuz in a bad spot and closed in for the kill, his forward air traded with Luma, causing them both to go flying. unfortunately however Wadi was the first to hit the blast zone causing him to ultimately lose the set.

Certainly a heartbreaking loss, but Wadi fought his way back into grand finals for a rematch against Dabuz. But this time things were much more anti-climactic. Dabuz destroyed Wadi, who switched to Rob in game 3, if that’s any indication to how he was feeling about the set. From barely losing 2-3 to being speedrun in a 0-3 loss. Controversy aside Dabuz had a great run and dominated the competition, overcoming some daring odds to win the grand reopening, of Smash at Xanadu.

Did you get to see the Smash 4 action at the Xanadu reopening? Tell us what you thought in the comments below!

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