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Does Smash for Switch need new characters?

It seems like we are getting more and more Smash rumors each day, which is nothing new. As Switch owners patiently (or not so patiently) await more Smash news, there has been talk about what should be added to the Switch version. Credible sources say the Switch version will be a port of Smash 4, which makes sense given how long Smash games usually take to release. Many have asked for new characters to be put in the game. But with a roster of 58 characters (including DLC) does Smash for the Switch need new characters?

All Star cast

Smash 4 has the largest roster in the franchise by a long shot. It’s also the most diverse roster with many different types of characters, and play styles. However I think the best thing about Smash 4’s roster is just how balanced it is. Smash 4 is by far the most balanced of all the Smash games, because it has more viable characters. Say what you will about Bayonetta, rage, or any other manner of jank gameplay, but it’s the truth. There are way more viable characters to take to tournaments and win in Smash 4, period. With this in mind, would more characters be needed?

Don’t get me wrong, as much as I’d love to see Shrek join the fight, I don’t think Smash 4 needs more characters. With such a big, diverse cast, this deep into the games life, a new character might seem out of place.

new characters
Shrek was a fan favorite for the Smash 4 DLC ballot. Could he make Nintendo Switch his swamp?
Deviant Art

My first concern is who the next character could be. They could maybe pick the next runner up from the ballot, or hold another ballot. Maybe they could add a popular character from a non Nintendo IP. Anything could happen, but I have one big concern with adding a new character almost four years into the game.


A Shift in the Meta

A new character is always exciting, especially for casual players. The competitive scene embraces new characters as well, as it could possibly lead to a new main. My biggest concern with adding more characters  to smash this late is what it will do to the meta. Smash 4’s meta has changed a lot since it’s release, and DLC and balance patches play a big role.

new characters
Bayonetta and other DLC characters shook up the meta upon release.
Business wire

Bayonetta is a perfect example of this; escaping her deadly combo game is now a key part of the games meta. Before she was released it wasn’t a factor, but now it’s a big factor. So let’s say Smash for Switch comes with even one new character. If this character ends up being top tier, the meta game might be thrown for a loop.

As much as I, and many others would love to see a new character in Smash, it might not be the best thing for competitive play. If we got another character with Bayonetta-like skills, the community would be in uproar once again. The peak of Smash 4’s hype is in the past now, and more characters could disrupt the meta…..unless that character is Shrek of course!


Do you think Smash for switch needs more characters? Let us know in the comments below!


Featured image courtesy of Elemental-Aura on deviant art!

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