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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Pre-Launch Guideline

Smash Bros Ultimate Pre Launch Guideline

Today, we are one week away from Super Smash Bros Ultimate’s release. The hype is as its max point, and everyone is getting ready for the launch. Featuring over 70 different characters at release, it’s by far the most populated game of the franchise. Masahiro Sakurai put in a giant amount of effort to make a quality experience. To make sure everyone is ready for its release, let’s go over some important information.

How to Unlock Characters

Smash Bros Ultimate Pre Launch Guideline
Pichu makes a comeback in Smash Bros Ultimate – Image: Nerdist

There are multiple ways to unlock characters. The first method is in traditional versus matches – after finishing a match every ten minutes, a character is unlocked. The other two methods are Word of Light, and Classic Mode. Completing them will gradually unlock characters.

The easiest method is to play a versus match, unlock the character, and restart the software to bypass the 10 minute character unlock timer.

Different Mechanics

Every game in the Super Smash Bros. franchise features a different set of mechanics. In Ultimate, many core elements change in order to give the player a different, more enjoyable experience. Let’s go over some of the mechanical changes Ultimate brings to the table.

Landing lag is toned down in most characters. This adds to the pace of the game as more can be done in less time.

Air dodge Changes
Smash Bros Ultimate Pre Launch Guideline
The ability to move after air dodging is changing a lot of the games elements – Image: The Mary Sue

Air dodges now have a significant amount of more lag. This makes it so that players are unable to overuse the mechanic. Additionally, this also makes the game significantly faster.

Directional air dodges come back to the game. As a result players now can air dodge to different directions. However, it now carries more lag than the standard air dodge.

Wavedashing is back, though to a small extent. Different to its Melee counterpart, it exists in a very different state. It carries five extra frames of landing lag making it less of a useful tool, and more of a flashy option.

Wavelanding comes back. In contrast to its brother, wavedashing, it looks like an optimal tool. When landing, it allows for players to have a different options, allowing possible mix-ups.

Rolls now punish the player for excessive use, adding extra lag after repeated uses.

Dash can now be canceled with a Smash attack.

Perfect shield now only occurs after the player lets go of the shield button. This means that the player now needs to release the shield button near the end of the opponent’s attack.

Damage dealt in one-on-one battles has been increased.

Footstools can now be teched.

Smash attacks can be charged three times longer than in Smash 4.

Smash Bros Ultimate Pre Launch Guideline
Rage as seen in Smash 4 – Image: SSB Wiki

Rage now starts at 120%, and its knockback has been decreased.

The Ledge grab range has decreased. Removing magnet hands from the game.

Knockback makes characters move faster for several moments after getting hit.

Dash dancing is easier to perform in the game.

Tether recoveries can’t be performed out of air dodges.

Shield Release has increased by 50% when compared to Smash 4.

Hazard Switch

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate features over a hundred stages, most of which are from previous games. In addition to now being able to select Omega (Final Destination) and Battlefield variants of each stage, players can also turn off stage hazards, a series first. This adds to the competitive scene, as this will allow more stages to be viable for tournament play. This switch is great for stages banned because of their hazards, but in stages like Smashville, it becomes a nuisance because its platform stops moving.

Pre-Launch Tier List

Smash Bros Ultimate Pre Launch Guideline
Tier list created by ZeRo

Gonzalo “ZeRo” Barrios was the undisputed most successful Smash 4 player before his retirement. Now because of Ultimate’s release ,he has returned as a competitive player. Here is ZeRo’s pre-launch tier list, showcasing his thoughts on the game’s roster. To watch him go more into detail, his YouTube video goes very in depth in the subject. 

List of Valuable Assets

Weight values

Run speed values

Air speed values


In a week Ultimate will hit the shelves, finally arriving to the community. Take this opportunity to gather some fellow “Smashers” and try out all the game brings to the table. Make sure to select a “main” character, and try your hardest. The wait will finally cease.


Featured image courtesy of VG247

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