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Red Bull Kumite Las Vegas: Schedule and Attendees

Red Bull Kumite Vegas

Red Bull Kumite Las Vegas begins this weekend as the fighting game community eagerly awaits this international showcase. Featuring global competitors for three different games, the event runs from November 13-14 at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, NV.

Red Bull’s latest Kumite event continues the brand’s tradition of holding high-class fighting game tournaments. While Red Bull Gladiators spotlighted the European Guilty Gear Strive community, the production in Las Vegas features Guilty Gear, Tekken and Street Fighter players from around the world. The event features numerous Red Bull partnered competitors like Cuddle_Core and Big Bird.


Red Bull Kumite 2015 Bonchan

Bonchan won Red Bull Kumite in 2015 for Street Fighter IV. Source: Red Bull Gaming

Red Bull Kumite has been a staple in the FGC since the first tournament in 2015. Though Street Fighter IV was the first main game of the events, Red Bull Kumite Las Vegas welcomes a number of competitors in multiple games this year.

Participants announced their involvement in Red Bull’s latest tournament in the weeks prior to the showcase. For Guilty Gear Strive, competitors such as SonicFox, Daru I-No, Diaphone and recent Gladiators champion Skyll are confirmed for the invitational.

On Thursday, ArcSystemWorks also teased a potential character reveal trailer at Red Bull Kumite on Twitter.


While the Strive player lineup is eye-catching, a variety of the world’s greatest Street Fighter V players head to Las Vegas this weekend as well. Traveling all the way from Asia, competitors like NL and GO1 will be in attendance. Meanwhile fellow international players Problem X, Big Bird and MenaRD are among those headed to the United States for the Kumite. Mister Crimson received an invite, however announcing his inability to travel to the event and defend his Red Bull Kumite London title.

The United States lineup features some of the biggest names in American Street Fighter as iDom, Punk and Brian_F all fly to Vegas.


Red Bull Kumite Cuddle_Core
Cuddle_Core joins the list of top-level talent at Red Bull Kumite Las Vegas. Source: Red Bull Gaming

Tekken 7 also features a star-studded lineup of the world’s finest players. Knee and Arslan Ash are two standout names on the invitee list, though Arslan announced on Twitter his inability to attend due to travel visa issues.

Evo Japan 2020 champion Book also joins the list of Evo championship-caliber players invited to the Kumite. Meanwhile Gen and Super Akouma round out the international roster of invitees for Tekken 7.

As the sole American representatives, Red Bull’s own Cuddle_Core and Anakin complete the lineup of world-renowned Tekken competitors.




Though the invited players are set in stone, each game has last chance qualifier spots on the line. While Diaphone won the online LCQ for Guilty Gear Strive, offline LCQ brackets for both Tekken 7 and SFV occur November 13. Both first and second place in Tekken 7 and SFV make their way to the main event due to Mister Crimson and Arslan Ash’s travel issues.

The main events for Tekken 7 and Guilty Gear Strive feature a $15,000 prize pool split between the invited competitors. Street Fighter V at Red Bull Kumite Las Vegas has a total of $18,000 up for grabs. All the action this weekend will be streamed on Red Bull Gaming’s official Twitch and YouTube channels.


Featured image courtesy of Red Bull Gaming

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