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A Realistic Smash Switch wish list

Smash Switch is coming much sooner than we could have ever hoped. The hype surrounding the game harkens back to the old days of speculating over Smash for Wii U rumors. There has been a lot of speculation over what new additions will be make it into the game. Even though we still don’t have 100% confirmation that this is a new entry most signs point to that conclusion. So with smash Switch slated release later this year, heres a list of additions we’d like to see.

First Party Characters

With Smash 4 including characters like Cloud strife from Final Fantasy 7, the possibilities are endless. However, when looking at possible candidates, we have to stay realistic.  That being said there are realistic possibilities for new characters, now that the Splatoon inklings have been confirmed. We’ll start off with characters from existing Nintendo IP’s.

I think Xenoblade Chronicles  could use a bit more representation. With

Pyra and (or) Rex would make great additions to Smash
Source gaming

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 being released not too long ago, what better way to represent the franchise than by putting at least one character in. Pyra and Rex would both be good fits for Smash in my opinion but if we had to choose one I think Pyra would fit the best. Seeing as Shulk made it into Smash 4 already it would be nice to geta female representative from the franchise. Besides Pyra is such a cool character in Xenoblade and it’d be a shame if she missed out on joining the battle.

Another likely addition is a fighter from Nintendo’s latest new IP, Arms. Arms is a very interesting fighting game with unique mechanics. However it never really caught on and became the next big Esport they wanted it to be. While there is still time to accomplish that, I think a great way to increase interest in Arms is to put a character or two into smash. Putting existing fighting game characters into smash should be an easier task than for other characters. Many people have their first exposure to a character in smash and go on to play the games those characters are from later. This could be great for smash and also Arms. Another popular choice is Waluigi for the Super Mario bros series. However seeing as he is a support trophy in brawl and Smash 4 this could be unlikely.

3rd party characters

This section is always a bit of a long shot because licensing and other legal things can get in the way of this. That wont stop the speculation however. A very popular 3rd party candidate that would be a very welcome addition is Crash bandicoot. At first glance this would seem very unlikely. But with Nintendo announcing that the Crash Bandicoot Nsane Trilogy is coming to Switch this summer, this seems much more likely. Crash could make for a very interesting character in smash and would definitely win over the fans.

Shovel Knight won over the indie gaming scene a few years ago and has gotten the port treatment to Nintendo Switch already. Seeing him make it into Smash would be very welcome. His iconic shovel could make for some very interesting combat and movement mechanics. Seeing as Sakurai loves to make a character as faithful to their original game as possible, Shovel knight could be an amazing addition.


Lastly (and this is very unlikely) Snake needs to make a return. Seeing a character as iconic as Solid Snake make it into Smash was a dream come true. So it is no surprise that fans lamented his not making it into Smash 4. Seeing snake go one and done was such a big disappointment because he was very well designed. His play style was very unique as it centered around laying traps and baiting your opponent to get the kill. As much as the fans would love to see him return, this is very unlikely. With Hideo Kojima not being at Konami anymore and Konami still owning Metal Gear, it doesn’t look good for Snake. But if at all possible, Snake would be perfect to make a return to Smash Switch.

Stages/ mechanics/Misc

More tournament legal stages will certainly liven up the competitive scene
The oblivian studios

Giving every stage an omega (flat) form in smash 4 was a very welcome addition and made many stages tournament legality. However there is definitely room for improvement. One way to add more life to omega stages is to add a neutral platform option to all stages. This would add some variety to the list of tournament legal stages and make stage counterplay more interesting. New stages with less hazards would also be very much appreciated. Even though Smash isn’t a competitive only game that does still appeal to a casual crowd, this would do wonders to the competitive scene. A good balance of casual and competitive stages would keep both hardcore competitors and casual players happy.

This one may be a bit controversial but I think rage should return for Smash Switch, but with a few tweaks. Rage is a very interesting mechanic that forces players to pay closer attention to percents and adapt throughout each match. However it can lead to some very janky outcomes when combined with certain moves. To remedy the problems that rage can introduce, I think rage should begin at much higher percents. Rage should start at 100 percent and still cap at 150. Also, set knockback moves need to be nerfed in a way that doesn’t kill players at 3%.

There are many things that could possibly make it into the game but only time will tell what we get. With E3 2018 just a couple of months away, we will definitely see what this game has to offer very soon. Who knows, it may very well not even be a new game. But whatever it may be, we don’t have much longer to wait to find out.

What do you want to see in Smash Switch? Let us know in the comments down below!

Featured image courtesy of Tech2.

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