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New Street Fighter 6 Mechanics And Features Revealed

Capcom has been revealing more information on the mechanics and features of “Street Fighter 6,” with hands-on footage from developers and industry members, including professional players and YouTubers.

In released trailers and footage, Capcom showcases new mechanics, revolving around the new meter, called the Drive System. The Drive Gauge, a new meter linked with the new system moves of Drive Impact, Drive Parry, Overdrive, Drive Rush, and Drive Reversal. 

The Drive System and Gauge will be replacing the V Gauge from “Street Fighter V.”

New Mechanics Explained

The new mechanics bring new and familiar moves from past entries to Street Fighter 6, similar to parrying from “Street Fighter III,” and focus attacks from “Street Fighter IV.”

The Drive Guage depletes as the new techniques are used. When depleted the player will enter a burnout state where they will have several disadvantages until the meter replenishes on its own.

Drive Impact is a powerful unblockable attack that causes a wall splat. Drive Parry, is a global parry that repels enemy attacks, perfectly timing a parry will allow the player to counter-attack. Overdrives are the same as the series staple EX special moves, now costing drive gauge instead of super meters.

Chun-Li using the new Drive Impact mechanic against Ryu

Chun-Li using the new Drive Impact mechanic against Ryu

“Street Fighter 6” seems to also be streamlining past mechanics for easier access to more casual players with the Drive Rush, similar to “Street Fighter IV” and its Focus Attack Dash Cancel. The final mechanic, Drive Reversal is similar to the V-Reversal mechanic in “Street Fighter V.”

Alongside the new mechanics, Capcom has also gone in-depth with the new simplified controls for casual players. The casual controls include mapping special commands to simple button presses, such as the triangle or Y button.

Other changes include assisted combos, allowing for a single-button press combo. Punches and Kicks will be combined in the simple control scheme, reducing it to only light, medium, and heavy attacks. 

New Features

A feature introduced will be Real-Time Commentary, real-life commenters that would be found in real competition settings. This is like Capcom Cup, and EVO will be commentating on matches if turned on, giving play-by-play feedback on what is going on. 

Famous commentators Jeremy “Vicious” Lopez and Ryutaro “Aru” Noda will be the initial English and Japanese Commentators. 13 Subtitles options are available.

Overall, Capcom is attempting to find a balance to satisfy the fighting game community and casual players. “Street Fighter V” was previously criticized at launch for missing features players would expect, such as arcade mode. Some hardcore fans felt “Street Fighter V” was missing too many mechanics that they enjoyed mastering.

More single-player content for “Street Fighter 6” includes World Tour. A single-player mode that allows players to explore the game’s setting of Metro City.

While there is no set release date, except for 2023. Fans speculate it will release in February 2023. The Street Fighter series, is known to release its majority of the new numbered titles in February. Such examples include “Street Fighter II,” “Street Fighter III,” and “Street Fighter V.” 

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