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NEC 2021 Details Emerge

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Big E Gaming returned this year with Summer Jam 2021 at the end of August. Following the success of this event, NEC 2021 is scheduled for November 5-7. The tournament features 11 main game brackets and numerous side events to highlight competitors in the community.


Big E Gaming
Big E, the man behind Summer Jam and NEC. Source: @ESmallPhilly

Summer Jam 2021 saw 716 registered attendees across seven main brackets and a variety of side events. Despite no large tournaments in over a year, Eric “Big E” Small successfully gathered the East Coast community for a major tournament once again. The event was not only a win for Big E, but the fighting game community as a whole.

After skipping 2020 due to COVID, The Northeast Championship returns as one of the longest-running East Coast fighting game tournaments. NEC celebrated its 20th anniversary back in 2019.


NEC 2021 has a stellar lineup of the current most popular fighting games within the community. Now featuring Melty Blood: Type Lumina, the tournament’s main lineup is more expansive than Summer Jam’s seven games.

Recently the Big E Gaming page also tweeted asking about community interest in events for Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 and CVS2. Mentioning prize pools of over $1000, these retro games would serve to highlight the East Coast’s rich history with Capcom fighting games.


Like Summer Jam, NEC 2021 gives community members another opportunity to step up not only to compete but also for commentary and helping with side tournaments. Big E Gaming’s focus on community engagement and support was highlighted by a moment of tribute at Summer Jam for Tekken player LTrainLocomotive.

Putting the community first is what keeps tournaments like Big E events worth attending, and NEC 2021 will certainly deliver the same atmosphere as before.

While the event is limited to just 800 attendees, this still welcomes a large crowd of competitors for the featured tournaments. Guilty Gear Strive gathered the most entrants at Summer Jam, but Melty Blood: Type Lumina’s upcoming release and hype may drum up more excitement for the new title. Granblue Fantasy Versus, DOA 6 and Virtua Fighter 5 all shift from side events to main tournament games as well.


Big E community commentators
Community commentators iambic & flylikepaper. Source: @MattCabooty

Within the coming months, more hype within the FGC will surely build for NEC 2021. Following the impact of the first major event of the year is no easy feat, but the East Coast community prepares for another big weekend in the fall. While the landscape of fighting game competition rapidly changes alongside games, players never fail to show up in support of the community.




Featured image courtesy of Big E Gaming

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