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Kumite in Texas: An Appetizer for EVO 2018

Kumite in Texas

Texas Invasion

The last weekend of July is here and an invasion has begun in Texas. There is a kumite in Irving, and it is a great appetizer to next week’s entree with the Evolution Championship Series (or EVO) held in Las Vegas. Kumite in Texas is this weekend and players from across the United States have gathered to compete in their favorite fighting games, including Super Smash Bros Melee, Street Fighter V, and Dragonball FighterZ. However, this is not the first kumite that has happened this year.


In January of 2018, we had Kumite in Tennessee. KiT is a tournament that has been a grassroots tradition in the Fighting Game Community for the past several years. KiT was held in Franklin, TN and players across the U.S. embraced the snowy fields of Tennessee for a shot at glory.

On January 8th, the final day of KiT, matches were played and champions were crowned. It was another successful KiT set in stone and people were ready to head home. That is until the KiT crew in charge of the event had a special announcement. There was a kumite coming to Texas and people needed to mark it on their calendar. The date was July 27-29.

Kumite in Texas
Image courtesy of KiTrevival

The Tournament Begins

Players have been competing since Friday to become the first champion of their respective games at the first Kumite in Texas. Saturday saw players take home the trophy for games like BlazBlue: Central Fiction, Guilty Gear Xrd, and Killer Instinct. Games like Street Fighter V and the Smash series with hundreds of participants will continue their tournaments on Sunday.


Kumite in Texas has over 20 games for tournaments being ran with new age games like Dragonball Fighterz and arcade classics like Super Street Fighter II Turbo. With over 20 tournaments in tow, Kumite in Texas has over 750 total entrants. This is a great start for the Kumite in Texas tournament and a great way for people to get ready for next week’s Evolution.



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