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Kumite In Tennessee 2021 Results

KIT 2021

Kumite Gaming’s premier event in Tennessee returned this weekend. Kumite In Tennessee 2021 welcomed 472 attendees to Lebanon, TN for a three-day event on October 29-31. Though Kumite Gaming initially canceled the event due to COVID concerns, KIT was able to continue its legacy this year after a scheduling change.


KIT 2021 badges

Guest badges for KIT 2021. Source: @KumiteGaming

Kumite In Tennessee is one of the southern United States’ longest running fighting game tournament series. After years of success in Tennessee, Kumite In Texas expanded the team’s efforts to Irving, TX in 2018.

Featuring a lineup of the most popular fighting games at the time, KIT always welcomes competitors from every corner of the FGC. Looking back, KIT hosted large brackets for games like Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, Street Fighter IV, Super Smash Bros Melee and many more. KIT’s trophies are a unique aspect of the event that garner attention each year. While competing in brackets, competitors fight for their chance to win a trophy featuring a metallic head of a character from their respective game alongside the tournament’s cash prizes.


Kumite In Tennessee hosted 12 different games this year. However, Smash Ultimate had two separate brackets for singles and doubles competition. Buzzeh took first place in the singles bracket with a win over Synergy while the duo of merf & Kip won the doubles tournament.

KIT 2021 Guilty Gear
KIT 2021’s GGST trophy, featuring Sol Badguy. Source: @KumiteGaming

Anime fighting games had a heavy presence at KIT 2021. In a bracket of 124 competitors, JakeyTheSnakey came out on top in Guilty Gear Strive and earned a trophy featuring the likeness of Sol Badguy. Meanwhile Dragon Ball FighterZ first place went to Vyrmyr, and the BlazBlue Cross Tag bracket was won by Gerard.

Though the newly-released Melty Blood: Type Lumina was not in the main lineup for KIT 2021, a 64-player side tournament occurred on the final day of the event. Duston claimed victory in the bracket over PivotAce after a grand finals reset.

Alongside his MBTL victory, Duston took third place in Samurai Shodown. The lone SNK bracket at KIT 2021 was won by AndyOCR, defeating royalpsycho in grand finals. Meanwhile, Street Fighter V saw NoNeedToTalk take down nycfurby with a 3-0 sweep to take first place.

3D games have a long history at Kumite Gaming events. KIT 2021 hosted three 3D titles between Dead or Alive 6, Tekken 7 and Soul Calibur VI. First place in Tekken 7 went to AkumuNarakuShinu after a clutch win over Victim of Ritual, while Yoki defeated hyruleherojoe to be crowned SCVI champion. Khaliah Delorean won Dead Or Alive 6 with a grand finals victory over Hoodless.


Lastly, NetherRealm titles continued to draw competitors to Kumite In Tennessee. The tournament held main brackets Mortal Kombat X and 11 while also keeping a place for Injustice 2 in the lineup. Though the games featured less entrants than newer titles like Guilty Gear, KIT retained their tradition of highlighting NetherRealm competitors.

Grr claimed the Injustice 2 trophy and aimed to win two separate titles at KIT 2021, though only managing to take second place in MK11 behind TurkeySucks. Euphoring won Mortal Kombat X, defeating Coosco in grand finals.


Following the success of KIT 2021, it is likely that Kumite Gaming returns in 2022. While tournaments currently seem much less predetermined due to the effects of the pandemic, Kumite Gaming’s prior track record bodes well for the future of KIT. When future Kumite In Tennessee and Kumite In Texas tournaments are announced, the fighting game community will be ready to embrace the events much like KIT 2021.


Featured image courtesy of @KumiteGaming

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