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King of Fighters XV Beta This Weekend: What to Expect

KOF XV beta

King of Fighters XV beta testing begins this weekend, running from November 19-22. Available only on PS4 and PS5, the test offers fans their first chance to play SNK’s upcoming fighter.

Though SNK delayed KOF XV’s full launch to early 2022, the beta test gives players the opportunity for making a hands-on first impression with the new game.


King of Fighters XV Dolores

Dolores joins the KOF XV roster during the beta test. Source: SNK Global

The KOF XV beta allows players to try the latest iterations of classic characters like Iori and Kyo. Meanwhile series newcomer Dolores catches the attention of fighting game fans, and the new game marks the return of characters like Shermie and Yashiro.

Prior to the start of the beta, SNK released pages of command lists for the eight available characters which can be viewed here. Preparing players for the beta roster not only allows hopeful competitors to learn as much as possible early on, but also lets the SNK balance team gauge characters’ strengths and weaknesses.


The King of Fighters XV beta features casual matches, player lobbies, and an offline practice mode. Announced in SNK’s information page about the beta, the game’s rollback netcode utilizes “GGPO” for smooth online gameplay. The decision to include GGPO received widespread praise as some community members were anxious for quality netcode implementation.

Fighting games often receive many tweaks between a beta test and full release. Though balance changes will be made, the practice mode lets competitors learn more about new system mechanics and characters.


NGI Events hosts a KOF beta tournament on November 20. Source: @NGIEvents

While the full launch of KOF XV is months away, SNK recognizes the community’s passion for competition. Announced on October 29, NGI Events plans to host an offline tournament for KOF XV at Revolution 20XX Xtend.

SNK announced their esports program support of the tournament recently. The game’s early bracket may not represent the balance of the game by launch, but it should give fans a glimpse of where competitive KOF is headed.

Pre-load for the beta test began on November 17. While SNK reveals more characters and features leading up to the game’s full release, the KOF XV beta marks an important point in the game’s development timeline.


Featured image courtesy of SNK Global

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