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Goldlewis Dickinson Announced for Guilty Gear Strive

Goldlewis Dickinson Strive

Goldlewis Dickinson was revealed as the first DLC character for Guilty Gear Strive on July 20. As the first content update for Strive, Goldlewis becomes the sixteenth character for the game’s growing roster. ArcSystemWorks originally included Goldlewis in Guilty Gear Strive’s story mode, and fans heavily speculated about if he would join the playable cast.


Goldlewis Dickinson coffin
Goldlewis carries his alien-stuffed coffin into battle. Source: ArcSystemWorks

Goldlewis has a unique character design that fits the diverse cast of Strive. While he totes an alien-filled coffin during fights, he also uses an assortment of projectiles like an aerial laser strike and a minigun.

The official Steam announcement for Goldlewis Dickinson shows a unique new meter bar for the character. Since he is a newcomer to the franchise, players are uncertain about how Goldlewis will function in Strive. He becomes the game’s second big-body character alongside franchise staple Potemkin.


While many fans anticipated Goldlewis as a DLC character because of his role in the story, players did not know who would take the first content slot. Nonetheless, the response to Goldlewis’ trailer is mostly positive, with community members like Justin Wong and Sajam expressing interest in the character.

Once players began to analyze the trailer, many noticed gameplay traits such as guard breaks and strong okizeme tools. Though players should not judge character strength heavily before release, Goldlewis appears to have strong tools needed to thrive within Strive.


Guilty Gear Strive roadmap
Goldlewis Dickinson kicks off GGST season one. Source: ArcSystemWorks

Goldlewis Dickinson is one of five characters coming to Guilty Gear Strive in season one. The roadmap presented at the end of his trailer states that the game will also receive a new story mode chapter and two new stages. However, only three of these characters will arrive in 2021. The last two, as well as the stages and story, release in 2022.

Among other characters rumored for season one are names like Happy Chaos and Jam Kuradoberi. Though the roster’s future is uncertain, players will be ready to hit practice mode with whoever ArcSystemWorks adds later on. So far Guilty Gear Strive has been heavily embraced by the fighting game community, and additional content like Goldlewis will keep players engaged in competition.


Featured image courtesy of ArcSystemWorks

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