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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Glitch 6 Recap

On the first day of Glitch 2018, 551 players engaged in a competition to see who would make it to the top 128 players of the tournament. Going out of pools was not easy because of the vast talent the tournament had gathered. However, the people that didn’t drown would come the next day to try to claim the title of Glitch 6 champion.

High Caliber Top Eight

This tournament gave us a high octane top eight. Players either demolished their opponents or were met feasible resistance.

Winners Side

Gavin “Tweek” Dempsey(Wario/Young Link) vs. Nairoby “Nairo” Quezada(Lucina)

Tweek convincingly took the first game with a top-notch use of Wario’s waft. The second match was tougher, but Tweek clutched it out. However, Nairo convincingly took the third match.

In the fourth game, Nairo got a sizeable lead on Tweek, but with some marvelous plays, Tweek was able to clutch out the set.

Result: 3-1, Tweek

Leonardo “MKLeo” Lopez(Ike) vs Paris”Light” Ramirez(Fox)
Glitch 6
Light definitively proved that he is a player to watch out for in the scene – Image: zhouphoto

In his set Light dictated the tempo. His spacing allowed him to use Fox’s speed to get in when needed. In game three of the set, MKLeo spices things up and changes to Cloud. For a brief moment, he gains the upper hand and takes a game from Light. However, this changes pretty quickly as Light proceeds to take the next game and close out the set.

Result: 3-1, Light

Losers Side

Saleem “Salem” Akiel(Link/Ganondorf) vs. Zack “ZD” Darby(Fox)

This set starts with a couple of high-intensity matches. ZD was winning by a small margin until Salem decided to change characters. He picked Ganondorf and ZD then proceeded to dominate and close out the set.

Result: 3-0, ZD

Tamim “Tamim” Omary (Bayonetta) vs. Chris “WaDi” Boston (R.O.B.)

During this set Tamim plays a high-risk high reward style. The first two games were down to the wire with Tamim getting the slight edge while the third game was clutched by WaDi. Things were looking up for the talented R.O.B. main until Tamim made waves in the fourth match, and closed the set.

Result: 3-1, Tamim

Must-Watch Sets

Tweek’s Dominance

Glitch 6
Tweek and Nairo hugging it out after grand finals – Image: Game Tyrant

Tweek has been a solid player since the Smash 4 era. He possesses the ability to use a variety of different characters that help him overcome difficult matchups. During this tournament he mostly used Wario, but in certain situations, we got to see his Young Link and Donkey Kong.

It is safe to say that in Glitch 6, he proved to be the best player in the venue. He pretty dominantly made his way through the bracket never putting himself in a situation where he could lose.

His usage of Wario was top notch as he applied high pressure and used his waft to secure key stocks. In grand finals, he met Nairo who had been taken down by him in winners finals. It was a heated set but in the end, Tweek was able to take it 3-1.

With this victory under his belt, this marks the second major he has won in the first month and a half of Ultimates lifespan. Tweek is proving to be one of the best at the game, let’s see if he can keep his consistency and hopefully get sponsored.

Character Variety

Smash 4 started to lose its strength when its roster started to prove how unbalanced it was. This began when Bayonetta started to win tournaments left and right. Smash 4’s metagame suffered greatly as a result, and the attitude of the audience towards the game faltered.

Glitch 6 proves that Smash Ultimate provides enough variety to keep everyone invested. Right out of the gate, the game offers over 69 different characters to spice it up. To make things better, Glitch 6’s top eight featured ten different characters – those being Wario, Young Link, Palutena, R.O.B., Lucina, Bayonetta, Ike, Fox, Ganondorf, and Cloud. This served to keep every set fresh, and everyone on their toes.

A real surprise of the event was when Tamim, previously the player known as “Mistake”, made top eight using Bayonetta. Most players share a consensus that she was overly toned down during the transition from game to game. However, that was no problem for Tamim as he proved that he wouldn’t be held down by what most believed to be a “bad character”. Due to his excellent performance discussion spawned around the character to reconsider its potential. Most top players still stand their ground that the character is mid or low tier, but are baffled over what Tamim achieved.

Notable facts

Only six different stages were picked in the top eight, being: Unova Pokemon League, Smashville, Battlefield, Kalos Pokemon League, and Town and City.


Featured image provided by Glitch 6.

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