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FGC: The Three Tournament Commandments

Tournaments are the perfect setting for players to prove themselves. In these environments, everyone wants to come out as the as the alpha player. As a direct result of intense competition, priorities can be blurred out. The hunger to win can possess even the brightest of players.

Some players commit tournament sins. They don’t only make a fool out of themselves, but anger other players along the way. Avoiding these sins is a top priority. They discredit the community and make tournaments “weird” for newcomers.

There is an order to these sins. This should be taken with a grain of salt because there are exceptions. However, there are many faults that can be easily avoided. Let’s unveil and discuss the things that players should have in mind when entering tournaments.

Thou Shall Watch for Your Hygiene

The Three Tournament Commandments
Taking care of personal hygiene plays a larger role in playing well than many may realize – Image: 123RF

If a player skipped a shower, half the venue already knows. It’s not a mind game to stink up the place. This not only damages the tournament scene, but feeds negative gamer stereotypes. Taking a shower won’t hurt anyone. It takes only ten to twenty minutes of a person’s life and is highly beneficial.

Sadly, this issue is concurrent. Most players know a particular sinner that tends to break this commandment and show up to a tournament stinking up the place. It’s not okay to use body odor as a tool. Everyone wants to win, yet most people take time to take care of themselves.

Thou Shall Keep Your Cool

Losing is harsh. After practicing for months, some people just can’t accept their defeat. Emotions rise and sometimes the situation just outright gets out of control. It’s normal for a highly competitive environment and yet players should be held accountable for it.

When players lose their cool, it doesn’t only reflect poorly on themselves, but it can ruin the chances of players returning to the competition. Others just take an easier route of putting the blame elsewhere. Blaming glitches, controllers, or even the weather.

In Smash, the “No John’s” phrase encompasses this. It comes from a player that never was at fault for losing. According to him, there was always an external reason that took the blame.

To a point, keeping one’s cool also applies to a win situation. This is when players pop off before even shaking the opponent’s hand – something that is generally considered to be rude. After a key win, emotions can be high, but both players equally deserve respect.

Thou Shall be Nice to Others

The power of a community is born out of its people. Bonds created inside it help lengthen its lifespan. Additionally, the emergence of these bonds can help players grow as people. There is certain magic behind meeting like-minded people. It helps spark the positivity a lot of people need, and sadly some people just ruin that.

It’s one thing to rage because of the game and then there’s how people are just outright rude. Someone has to mock the “noob” because of their lackluster performance or just try to bully anyone that shows the slightest sign of vulnerability. This can’t always be avoided, but dealing with it is another issue. Once you or someone you know is aware of a problematic or concerning situation, take action and speak up to a TO or leader of the community.

Toxic behavior is what begins to tear a community apart. So helping mitigate it is what helps mend the wounds created by previous incidents.

Look Ahead

These commandments are only the base of many other issues that plague tournaments. These three commandments are perhaps surface level,┬ábut they’re important nonetheless.

Speaking up, and holding accountable players that go against any of these commandments is an important thing to do. Keeping a positive competitive environment will only help the community grow. So keep spreading the good word of the FGC.


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