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Evo 2018: The Flood of DLC Announcements

Downloadable content (DLC) is one way that developers support their games and the communities that play them. DLC can be anything from costumes and stages to new characters. This past weekend gave us Evo, one of the biggest fighting game tournaments in the world. Many fighting games were on center stage, being watched by hundreds of thousands of viewers on Twitch. As such, developers like to take this event as an opportunity to make announcements and drum up hype for their games.

This year was no different. We saw some of the biggest DLC announcements for fighting games. Street Fighter V, Dragonball Fighterz, and Tekken 7 had new DLC announced.

Two for Tomorrow

Street Fighter V had given messages to notable FGC players throughout the whole weekend leaking the newest character named G. As the Street Fighter V tournament was getting ready to start, we had the game’s producer Yoshinori Ono appear on stage. Ono started off with talking about how excited he was for the tournament, and that he had an announcement for the audience. Before he could announce anything, we saw a G cosplayer appear on stage and give an announcement. Shortly after the announcement, we were introduced to G’s trailer. G is the self-proclaimed President of the Earth and he wishes to unify the world with his vision.

Following the G trailer, Ono appeared on stage again with an eyepatch. He announced that we would be introduced to another trailer. The new trailer starts, and we see fan favorite Sagat on screen. Sagat appeared in the original Street Fighter, but wasn’t a playable character until the Street Fighter II series. He is a Muay Thai fighter that serves as Bison’s bodyguard. The audience lost their mind as they saw fireballs and uppercuts fill the screen. The craziest announcement for SFV was that both DLC characters were going to be available the next day.

Brother Joins the Battle

Dragonball FighterZ saw the developers appear on stage after the tournament. They were thrilled to see the high-level play in their game. They even got one of the producers for the Dragonball series to show up. As the developers were talking about the game they had created, they had an announcement for us.

The trailer went live, and we started to see multiple scenes from the series. Suddenly, we had a new character fill up the screen. Frieza’s brother Cooler will be joining the cast. Fans of the series lost their minds to see such fan service. They are getting a non-canon popular DLC character to appear in the game.

Unexpected Crossover

Image Courtesy of Polygon

Tekken 7 had one of the craziest DLC announcements of the entire weekend. There will be a second season for Tekken. This new season will have balance changes and even more characters joining the roster. Tekken classics Anna and Lei will be returning to answer players’ prayers. We were introduced to new gameplay changes like updated rage drives and moves that cause a wall bounce. At the end of the trailer, we were shown six character slots with Anna and Lei taking up two of them. The other four slots were shrouded in mystery with a question mark, but the last one looked different. The trailer cut to another clip and we were being teased to that special slot.

Finally, after some time, it was revealed that Negan from the Walking Dead franchise would be joining the Tekken 7 roster as a guest character.



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