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A close look at the Smash Switch E3 Invitational

The Hype train just keeps on chugging. Nintendo recently revealed that they would be holding an invitational tournament at this years E3 showcasing Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Switch. With such a big announcement coming so soon after the reveal of the game, the hype is skyrocketing throughout the community. With E3 slowly but surely approaching, let’s take a look at why this is such a huge announcement.

Smash 5?

Ever since the reveal trailer for Smash Switch the community has been hard at work trying to figure out more details about the game. The discussion has been centered around if it will be a completely new game (Smash 5) or some sort of Smash 4 deluxe edition. no one knows for sure what exactly the game will be, but this announcement gives us a few clues.

We could see the inklings in action sooner than later

The last time Nintendo held such an event was back at E3 2014 for the upcoming release of Smash for Wii U. This tournament showcased the games new gameplay and mechanics by throwing players right into the fray. Fast forward almost four years and here we are approaching E3 2018, and yet another Smash invitational. This could be the final clue we need to decide whether or not this is a new game.

As convincing as this evidence is we cant speak to soon however. If we are to draw direct comparisons to he launch of Smash 4, some things don’t line up properly. Smash 4 was revealed over a year before the invitational tournament, let alone launch day. The reveal for Smash 4 came with gameplay footage as well as a character reveal. We still haven’t seen any Smash Switch gameplay yet, which does not align with Smash 4’s reveal. Smash Switch also was revealed much closer to the games launch, coming in the same year. Either way we’ll definitely find out exactly what this game is at E3. But there is even more to look forward to with this tournament.

The inevitable return

I’ve talked about Zero’s retirement many times in the past so I won’t go over it for a millionth time. We all knew he likely wouldn’t be gone for long and this tournament being announced all but confirms it. This is exactly what Zero said could bring him back to the competitive scene. A new iteration of Smash with new characters, possibly even being Smash 5. As much as he has been enjoying his time streaming and being away from competitive play, he will be back soon. I think he might have just waited until the game released later this year to return but this tournament changes things.

This invitational tournament is definitely calling his name. Now he can get an early look at the game, and get a feel for its mechanics if it is Smash 5.

Could Zero make his return where it all began?

It will be even more interesting if the game is very similar to Smash 4 or Smash 4 deluxe. I think that such a thing could tempt Zero to even consider returning to the current season. New characters would certainly shake up the meta and could be an irresistible offer to him. Lastly how fitting would it be for Zero to make his return on the same stage he started on. Zero won the first ever Smash 4 tournament back at the 2014 E3 invitational. It was the first of many tournament wins for Zero and started an amazing career. It’d be awesome to see him make his return, where it all began.

Who could we see

As much speculation as the community has been doing about Zero returning, nothing is confirmed. We still don’t know who Nintendo will be sending to the tournament just yet. But based on the past we can make some good assumptions. We know they will bring some prominent figures in the community. This always starts with some of the best tournament players. One player I’m sure will be on the big stage is NRG Nairoby “Nairo” Quezada. He is the undisputed king of Smash 4 streamers, and one of the communities most loved personalities.  I’m pretty sure Zero will be invited as well but it honestly could go either way. other than top players we should see some big Nintendo Youtubers on the stage. This is in line with how Nintendo usually handles events like this and I see no reason why this would change.

Lastly I want to talk about someone I would love to see at the invitational. This is a long shot, but I would absolutely love to see Desmond “Etika” Amofah in the tournament.

Etika would bring the hype to the invitational for sure

This is a bit unlikely because Etika isn’t necessarily Kid friendly and could rub Nintendo the wrong way. Etika may have a history of being very vulgar and outlandish at times, but he would be a great addition. His passion and enthusiasm for Nintendo is unrivaled. He would bring a level of hype and excitement that has never been seen at a Nintendo event. He’s a wild-card, but if invited, Smash Switch will have even more hype surrounding it.

No matter what happens This tournament is huge. we all knew E3 was the next big event to look forward to for Smash Switch. But this tournament means that on June 11th we will finally have an answer to our many Smash Switch questions.

What do you think about the Smash Switch E3 Invitational? Feel free to let us know in the comments down below!


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