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Climax of Night Type-4 Preview

Climax of Night

After a year off due to the pandemic, Climax of Night returns to Atlanta this fall. Taking place November 20-21, Climax of Night Type-4 hosts four main brackets with French Bread fighting games at the forefront.

Headed by fighting game organizer Shinobi, Climax of Night has a history of highlighting more niche anime titles. Competitors in Melty Blood and Under Night games embraced the event when it first began in 2018.

Embracing the Night

Back in 2018, the first Climax of Night event provided players a unique experience compared to most other tournaments. CoN 2018 featured Melty Blood, Under Night, BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle and Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax as its only tournament brackets. Though this lineup deviated from the norm, competitors in games developed by French Bread happily embraced the spotlight shined on their community by Shinobi and his team.

Filling a ballroom with rather niche anime fighting game players was a noteworthy accomplishment back in 2018. The hype continued into 2019 as Climax of Night [re:run] gathered 317 attendees.

A third Climax of Night event hoped to bring the community together again in 2020, however the pandemic shut down any possible large gatherings. The team still managed to host online tournaments thanks to MBAACC’s rollback netcode though not on the same scale as a true offline CoN.

Climax of Night Type-4

Climax of Night games

Climax of Night features a different roster of games for 2021. Source: @NightsClimax

As offline tournaments begin again, Climax of Night Type-4 finally brings Shinobi’s event back to Georgia. This time CoN features MBAACC, Under Night’s newest [cl-r] version update, Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax and Gundam MBON.

Despite the recent release of Melty Blood: Type Lumina, Shinobi mentioned on Twitter his intentions to keep running MBAACC at CoN events. This allows competitors who trained in MBAACC over the past year to showcase their talents while paying homage to MBAACC’s legacy.

Prior to CoN Type-4, local venue 4o4 Esports plans to host a Type Lumina bracket for players hoping to compete in the newest French Bread title.

Focusing on the Community

Climax of Night 2019
Climax of Night [re:run] in 2019. Source: @NightsClimax
Larger tournaments like Evo and CEO have seen massive growth over the past few years. Tournaments like Climax of Night do not seek to challenge the popularity of all-encompassing fighting game events. Instead, Shinobi gives his all to provide a standout event for competitors in specific anime fighting games to shine.

In the rapidly growing modern FGC, grassroots events like Climax of Night are crucial. The community is at the core of every open-bracket event and Shinobi’s tournament series provides the FGC with a unique weekend of French Bread action.


Featured image courtesy of @NightsClimax

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