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Average Joe to Fighting Game Pro: Tip #0

Becoming good at fighting games requires a lot of skill and knowledge. Skills like decision making, ability to condition, and execution are just some of the skills it takes to become a fighting game pro. These, combined with game knowledge, can carry you extremely far. However, there is one thing that is more important.

The Best Trait to Have

The most important thing that is needed to go from average to fighting game pro is the right mentality. It takes a specific mentality to survive as a competitor in the FGC. It takes a mentality that enjoys the process of learning and seeks out the opportunity to grow. You must be willing to take losses. You can’t be discouraged by the losses that you endure. These losses are going to be the foundation that your skill grows from. The right mentality will carry you past your losses, so that you can continue to compete.

Continuing to play and learn the game is what will help your skill set expand. Therefore, you see some of these players who go 0-2 at their first tournament come back for the next one even more prepared, while others decide that this isn’t for them at that exact moment. This mentality helps with another essential part of competing.

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The other essential part that mentality helps with is enjoying the fighting game. You should be able to enjoy the game that you want to compete in because the fun is going to continue to bring you back. There may be times where you may become discouraged from competing in fighting games. In these times, it’s important to remind yourself of why you play the game in the first place: to have fun. After all, that’s why we play video games in the first place, right?

Enjoying the game for everything that it is with its balance and bugs is something that only the right mentality can help with.


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