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Assist Trophies to DLC Characters

Smash Ultimate has a roster that makes everyone happy, but could we see assist characters for download post launch? Ultimate has some extremely popular characters in the game as assists. There is potential for characters to be added down the line if we have a high enough demand for some of them to become playable. We have three characters that I think have a high possibility of making it into the game. Waluigi, Zero and Alucard are popular assist characters that could become playable.

When is it Waluigi’s Time?

Waluigi first appeared in Super Smash Bros. Brawl as a non-playable assist trophy. Then Waluigi was revealed once again for Smash 3DS and WiiU as an assist trophy. Over the course of three games, Waluigi has appeared as an assist trophy and fans are beyond upset. Fans of the character have even resorted to creating petitions to get Sakurai to put him into the game. With more than 30,000 signatures across several petitions, they are making sure that their voices are heard.

Waluigi is expected to be his own character with a moveset like Luigi’s, but with a faster walk-speed. I would like to see if they would try to incorporate his tennis racket from his trophy as part of some normals or turn it into one of his special moves. It’s possible that we could even see a tennis inspired final smash move.

Image Courtesy of Game Revolution

Zero to Hero

Zero is making his first appearance in the Smash series as an assist in Ultimate. He is another protagonist from the Mega Man X series. Zero is a Maverick alongside X and they battle the forces of Sigma. Zero has a buster like Mega Man, but he also has a Z-Saber that allows him to slice his enemies down. We see Zero use Ryuenjin in his trophy form, and I’m sure we can expect the uppercut to return in his playable form as his recovery move.

Zero will probably use his buster as his neutral special move like Mega Man does. We can expect Zero’s Z-Saber to become part of normal. With different mobility than Mega Man in terms of his dashes and speed we should expect him to feel like his own character. Zero could have a version of his Sougenmou be his Final Smash. The Sougenmou is a technique where Zero creates a shadow of himself and it replicates his every move.

Image Courtesy of The Mega Man Network

Sins of the Father

Alucard is the son of Dracula in the Castlevania franchise. Alucard is the most popular character in the franchise thanks to the game Symphony of the Night. We see from the gameplay reveal of the assist trophy that Alucard is equipped with the Crissaegrim. He is also capable of transforming into the bat and attacking enemies. This shows that some thought was put into the assist’s move list.

If Alucard was to become his own character, we can expect him to have access to the bat attacks and maybe his wolf form. I would expect his ability to turn into mist to be his recovery move, but that could be problematic if there is no hurtbox for him.

Alucard shouldn’t be equipped with the Crissaegrim if he turns into a playable character because of the strength of that weapon. With his high mobility abilities, we should expect him to be able to divekick while in the air. If the soul of fog isn’t able to be his up B move, then we could see the leap stone become his recovery special move. As for Alucard’s Final Smash, that could be an entirely new move that the developers come up with to differentiate him from the Belmonts while still giving him his strong move.

Image Courtesy of Info Mix Hub

More Assists, More Characters

These are the three assist trophies that I see the most potential for becoming playable characters post-launch. Waluigi is a character that people have been asking for over the past couple of games. Zero and Alucard are new assists to Ultimate but their popularity in the gaming environment makes them prime candidates for the upgrade to playable. As more characters and trophies continue to be announced during the next few months, it is possible that we can see others added to this list.

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