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9 Tips to Become a Street Fighter 5 Pro

All good esports disciplines have one thing in common – they are super deep in their mechanics and possible in-game strategies. Players obviously have a starting point there, but the final destination is totally unreachable because you always can add some extra mastery to your skills or come up with fresh ideas for in-game tactics.

Street Fighter V is definitely a very good esports discipline. The level of top-level professionals is absolutely breathtaking. And even they have the potential to grow and become better. Would you like to start the same journey? Then be ready for an adventure with no ending destination – just enjoy the trip! And let these SF5 tips will help you get many great achievements on the way!

  1. Have fun playing the game

Usually, this aspect is not that obvious, and some players approach their professional Street Fighter career with a bit wrong motivation. They set a high goal and start the process of reaching it with full dedication. Slowly but inevitably, playing the game becomes monotonous training and the glorious trophies lose their attractiveness. Avoid this danger from the first steps!

Esports is based on gaming, so it should keep the spirit of fun entertainment. Never turn the process of playing SF5 into a job. The longer you keep the sparkle of enthusiasm in your heart, the further it will lead you.

  1. Explore the modes and characters

Do you remember that thing from the beginning about the depth of esports titles? So, you should wait a while before diving into that abyss. First, get a general understanding and invest a decent amount of time into it. What does the game have to offer? Where can I train?

Street Fighter 5 has a few modes for beginners:

  • Story Mode– to know the story and characters better;
  • Demonstrations– to see abilities of the fighters;
  • Trials– to practice moves and attacks;
  • Arcade and Survival – to use your knowledge and basic skills in practice.

The Training Mode is very good for players of any level.

Explore all the modes – it’s a perfect way to improve your skills and discover something you have no idea about. Play all the SFV characters – it’s a necessary step to get to know your future opponents.



  1. Choose your primary fighter

Developers from Capcom have added quite a few prominent personalities into Street Fighter 5. But you can’t play professionally with all of them. Most esports celebrities have one primary fighter and one secondary. Sometimes (rarely) you can meet players with 3-5 characters in the roster.

The best way to choose your guy or girl is to take someone you like the most. What about Akuma, filled with dark energy? Or maybe you prefer Balrog with his boxing style? Or Chun-LI, an Interpol officer and martial art expert?

Feeling comfortable with your game character is crucial, so take your time to make this choice thoughtfully.

  1. Learn the basics properly

However attractive (and effective) the complicated fighting tricks are, you won’t succeed without paying proper attention to the basics.

Big amazing constructions are made of small bricks – and your SF5 victories should be based on Basic Attacks.

Don’t hurry to remember all the complicated combos. Start with simple Light/Medium/Heavy Punches and Kicks. Use them a lot in offline modes and training to know their strength, direction, and range. Gradually add to your arsenal Throws, Unique Attacks, Special Moves, and V-Skills. Take enough time to practice each move and each attack.

  1. One combo at a time

Combos in fighting are the bread and butter of professional players. One attack is followed by another with no gap, so the opponent just can’t do anything. Such combos may be very long, and the fighting games community has discovered a lot of them.

Approach SF5 combos with the same pattern as the basic attacks – gradually. Remember one combo and practice it a lot. Move to the next one only when you can perform the first one almost automatically. Expand your active combos in this way. Try to invent your own move and attack combinations.

  1. Get the best equipment possible

All the game fights happen in virtuality, but you should take care of your comfort in the real world. This includes everything that surrounds the playing process:

  • Chair
  • TV or monitor
  • Console or PC
  • Gamepad or Fightpad

You can’t have a universal list of things to purchase. A lot depends on your personal preferences and your budget.

Most SF5 professionals use fightpads, and it’s highly recommended to get one if you are serious about your esports ambitions (or even if you are just very dedicated to Street Fighter).

It’s quite important to have a fast and reliable Internet connection.


  1. Regular practice is the key

Developing your playing skills is pretty much the same as visiting a gym for building muscles – you have to do this regularly if you want to get results.

Playing eight hours per day for two weeks and then making a break for a month – the training does not work this way. One-three hours per day will be much more effective, but you should do this daily.

At the same time, your rest periods, walks in nature, healthy food, and regular exercises are the same important as playing practice. You should be mentally and physically healthy to be on top of your Street Fighter game.

  1. Rush into tournaments as soon as you feel ready

There are two opposites:

  • Gamers start multiplayer matches in their first-ever attempt to play Street Fighter.
  • Gamers postpone multiplayer experience again and again.

Find your perfect point for entering the competitive community somewhere in between. Street Fighter is quite hard, so you risk to get destroyed and lose all the motivation. But multiplayer fighting is where the most fun happens, so sooner or later you better start the online mode.

Participation in tournaments is very similar to this. You need to gain the basic experience for expecting to win. But you can’t become a pro without actually playing at tournaments.

Then, after making your first steps into the competitive scene, there is no way back. Play at as many tournaments as possible to get noticed by the community and to improve your skills even further.

  1. Become a public person

This tip is not about the game strictly speaking. But being an esports professional is not only about playing Street Fighter. Pro players are influencers, so you should start building your audience on social media. Esports celebrities are connected to teams and sponsors, so you should use any possibility to build your networking.

Your Twitter account and Twitch channel are the best starting points. Discuss Street Fighter updates and esports events. Stream your fights. Just be active online – check out how others do this and think about what you can do and how you can do this better.



Guys, don’t forget that this and any other gaming tips are not strict rules to follow. The most they can do is to show you a direction for development – and then, you should build your own path to success. Copy someone may not lead you far away. Be unique, be yourself in everything you do, including Street Fighter esports. Good Luck!

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The article is written by EugeneZH, a professional game journalist and enthusiastic gamer. He writes about fighting games and Street Fighter top players on DashFight – you can find his humble thoughts and ideas in SF5 guides and articles.

Thanks for reading! Let us know what your thoughts are on the article!