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Top Lane Fantasy Rankings 2021 LCS Summer Split

2021 Fantasy LCS Top Lane

Fantasy LCS for League of Legends is definitely trending in the right direction. More companies are getting into the space and fans are finding their way to something that helped the NFL in a big way. Now, players are looking for an opportunity to get ahead in their league and win themselves a championship. Luckily for them, The Game Haus is here to help with their rankings of each position. Here is a look at the 2021 Fantasy LCS Top Lane rankings heading into the Summer Split.

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10. Revenge

Last Split Revenge absolutely showed that he can play with some of the best in the League. The problem is that fantasy-wise he was one of the worst in the LCS. With Niles down on GG Academy, Revenge ultimately falls to the bottom.

9. Solo

There is a real possibility that this ranking will be very far off but based on the team around Solo it is hard to rank him much higher. If he can help GG to a playoff spot then he might be worth keeping on the bench in LCS and LEC leagues, otherwise, he is one of the last picks in an LCS only draft.

8. Licorice

It was not a huge surprise to see Licorice near the bottom for top laners in terms of points scored last Split considering how the team played. That said it is not indicative of his personal talent. FlyQuest will have to figure it out as a team for LCS and LEC league drafters to draft Licorice but he could be a late-round surprise.

7. Finn

This is where things get fun. As one will see in the LCS and LEC rankings coming out from TGH later, Finn is much better, in fantasy terms, than fans might think. With Broxah fully back and the rest of the CLG squad finally assembled Finn could be a nice option as he actually finished with more points per game than almost all of the LEC top laners last split.

6. FakeGod

During the Spring, FakeGod finished third in points overall in the LCS and really surprised many people. Dignitas are expected to regress and that means FakeGod likely will too. He is definitely not a bad fantasy top laner. Depending on how deep the league is, he could be a fringe starting option.

5. Ssumday

There is no way Ssumday struggles as bad as he did two Splits in a row, right? Because of the unknowns surrounding Ssumday, it is hard to want to pick him early. That said if drafters are not able to get one of the better top laners, taking a chance on Ssumday in the mid-rounds to get better picks elsewhere is not a bad idea.

4. Huni

Huni had a revival during the Spring and was quietly one of the better top lane options in points per game. Seeing as TSM will likely be better with more games, he would normally be picked higher. The only problem is that Huni still has games and sometimes entire weekends where he is a coin flip. It is for that reason that he sits fourth.

3. Impact

It is weird putting the Spring Split Top Lane number one at third but so many of Impact’s points came early in the Split. Specifically while on Renekton. He is still very solid and is probably one of the more sure options from the LCS. Just don’t look for him to lead all top laners in points in back-to-back Splits.

2. Fudge

If Lee Sin stays in the meta and Fudge gets his hands on him, teams will need to watch out. What he showed during MSI was enough to move him near the top in most people’s top lane rankings outside of fantasy LCS. Considering C9 like to have a lot of action in their games, Fudge will almost certainly benefit and drafters should expect he will be gone by the end of the second round in most leagues.

1. Alphari

Alphari is clearly the best top laner in the LCS still and last Split he only finished behind Impact by a few points. Even though TL as a whole do not like action-packed games, Alphari is a part of a lot of it and creates his own opportunities. If most of the best mids and adcs are gone, Alphari will be right behind them and is worthy of a first round pick.

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