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LEC/LCS Week 3 Daily Fantasy Summoner

Daily Fantasy Summoner Cheatsheet Week 3

My Thoughts on the Slate

How the cheatsheet works:
I have received feedback from people that the cheatsheet is hard to interpret. The reason why I sorted it the way I did, is because I encourage 3-4 man stack of players from teams that I think will win. Therefore, I list all five players of a particular team, so that you can stack 3-4 of them in your lineup. I do not recommend mixing cash and punt tier players. As much as you can, stack the players from the upper tier. The value tier can be useful too when you are in need of salary saver players. In your cash build, I recommend no more than two value players. In a Tournament approach, you can full stack the value tier (four players + team), or the punt tier.

Cash Core: The popular stack likely be G2 + RGE/MAD
Don’t fade G2, still holds. Regardless of who they play against, they can lull you to sleep for 20 min and come back with a 18+ kill game. Personally, I’d have Caps over Perkz if I have to leave one of them out.

GPP Core:
Honestly, I didn’t want to play SK in here, but I feel like just having them on the cheatsheet might give S04 their first win. Because after all, the DFS gods hate me. There are three cash viable teams, but for the most part, I think G2/xL will be the popular chalk combo.
Most Overlooked game: OG v. MSF

LEC (updated as more stat becomes available)
DK Pts Allowed Average
FinnInspiredLarssenHans SamaVander

LCS Write UP

The LCS week 3 starts today. If you, like me, try to put faith in CLG, you’ve been donating money to people on Draftkings. I think seeing what has happened to S04, admittedly makes me skittish to go back to CLG again. Yet, I don’t think i”m going full fade. I’m throwing a small combo of them in a $.25 contest. If you look at the last line of the cheatsheet, there is a mix of 100T + CLG players. This is my typical departure from how I recommend lineup, and you’ll probably not see this again in the future.

Cash + Creative build:
For double up, h2h, 50/50 approach, I think you start your build with C9. Either three C9 + Team or four C9 players. They are not that cost-prohibitive either. TL is actually the most expensive in some positions. Vulcan + Zven will be a popular combo because Zven is doing his best CodySun impression by not dying. He may have finally found a team that can really optimize his skill.

Blaber and Licorice are going to be left off in some form for a lot of rosters. This is where you can still build a unique lineup despite going chalk. Will people go for more cost-effective Licorice, or will they try to jam in Nisqy along with Zven. This makes me believe Blaber will be the lowest owned C9 player of the slate.

Tournament Thoughts
The second interesting teams I’m considering is involved in the TSM v. DIG. While I think TSM is highly likely to win, I am certainly willing to consider that DIG can pull an upset. This gives you some flexibility, to even stack TL/DIG.


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