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Daily Fantasy Summoner Week 5 LEC/LCS

Fantasy Summoner

Daily Fantasy Summoner:
Bovada Odds:
xL -195 v. S04 +140
MSF -115 v. RGE -120
SK -145 v. VIT +105
OG -105 v. FNC -130
MAD +245 v. G2 -360

Fantasy Summoner LEC Write up: The following information is presented before the conclusion of day one of Week 5. Since DK has released the day 2 salary, we can begin to craft an idea how to approach this slate. The first thing to note is S04 going from most expensive to now one of the bottom salary tier. They will be facing against xL, who themselves have been on a losing streak; and likely coming off another loss against G2 on Friday. There is a temptation to use S04 as the salary saver for this upcoming slate, but our Fantasy Summoner’s are not recommending such an approach. The toughest game to figure out is SK v. Vitality. The decision may be easier depending on day 1 performances by each respective team.

Instead, OG may be a better salary saving play. These are two solid teams facing each other, yet, DK has OG as the near bottom salary tiered player. Perhaps the idea here is that this might be a low kill total game. While that may be the better approach, it does leave a lot of room for a contrarian outcome. Of all the players, NukeDuck is the least cost-effective player.

TL;DR – Only G2 is cash safe. Everyone below G2 in the sheet possesses at least a 40% level of risk

Cheat sheet Day 2 LEC 

FinnInspiredLarssenHasn SamaVander


DK Points Allowed Average


LCS Write Up Day 1

Fantasy Summoner Write up: The salary remains disorganized compared to how traditional lolesport DFS salaries are distributed. This can lead to many salad bowl types of lineups. However, there is a clear divide between projected favorites and projected underdogs.
Here at Fantasy Summoner, there is a process that has been shown to successful long term. Particularly for cash, it is more helpful to focus on building a lineup around players of 2 teams [The Team spot is one where one-off is ok]. This leads us to continue playing C9 in cash lineups. Naturally, the team is so good that DK salary has isolated Blaber, Zven, Vulcan as the most expensive players at their respective position. From a cash game approach, it would be difficult to not stack those three, as they are typically meeting or smashing value. Therefore, the second stack will require some salary finagling.

From a Tournament approach, Fantasy Summoner recommends going for an upset that is also likely overlooked by the field. Form a conceptual standpoint, IMT, CLG, and 100 fits this idea. Especially, 100T are the team that most people will avoid because of their recent performances and the projected low upside. This may be a team to stack in large field contests such as the 25ct. arcade or the Trident. It is conceivable that GGS may be the most popular cash and tournament stack to go along with C9. The focus stack would be Closer-GoldenGlue-FBI, and even consider Keith.

LCS Cheatsheet Day 1

Cash Stack:
Zven-Vulcan-Licorice or Blaber

Tournament consideration:
BrokenBlade-Bjergsen-Kobbe-Biofrost (fade C9)
Closer-FBI-Keith or GoldenGlue-FBI-Closer

Contrarian: CodySun-Ssumday-Ry0ma-Meteos

DK Points Allowed Average


LCS Day 2

Bovada Odds
TL -345 v. IMT +235
C9 -230 v. TSM +165
GGS +105 v. CLG -145
100t +110 v. DIG -155 

Monday Night League

Bovada Odds:

FlyQ -125 v. 100t -110

EG +220 v. C9 -315


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