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Daily Fantasy Summoner Week 4 LEC/LCS

Fantasy Summoner

Daily Fantasy Summoner Cheat Sheet Week 4

Fantasy Summoner LEC Write up:

The LEC is slowly inching to mid-split, and teams are gearing up for week 4; when playoffs is already on their mind. Amazingly, S04 (or null win) still win-less and is seemingly getting worse. It is hard to blame one player or one draft that led this team to suffer heartbreaking losses. Yet, the reality is that this team can start planning for the summer. Their schedule does not get any easier, so Fantasy Summoner suggests to fade them this week

MSF’s reign of terror continues as they demonstrated to G2 that a troll comp will not fly. The team is clearly more confident than ever, and this victory should only bolster their beliefs. MSF will be an interesting team to continue monitoring for the rest of Spring. Their last hurdle for this band of misfits is FNC, who are not a team to pull off a troll comp or play undisciplined. But that same could’ve been said for OG.

Still, the general approach for week 4, is to capitalize on recency bias, which would point to MAD Lions and MSF as good, and xL, S04, and Rogue as mediocre/bad. This warrants a closer look in each of these team’s respective match-ups and exploit the projected ownership.

Cheat sheet Day 2 LEC 

Bovada Odds:
Vit +170 v. MSF -235
RGE -275 v. SK +190
S04+550 v. G2 -1200
xL +205 v. OG -300
FNC -220 v. MAD +160

FinnInspiredLarssenHans SamaVander
Dan DanRazorkFebivenBVoydenyk

* Priority pick over PERKZ

LCS Write Up
Overall, the LCS is slightly more predictable. Albeit, it’s crazy to think CLG and TL are the ones that you’d be profiting if you had bet against them. This is the week when Broxah is going to start over Shernfire. This should upgrade the overall quality of the team’s play, yet it’ll be wise to take a cautious approach as team synergy hardly established with 48 scrims.

Day One brings the marquee matchup of C9 against TSM, the #1 and #2A team of LCS currently. But, the real fantasy games that should capture the attention of Draftking players is the GGS/CLG and 100t/DIG games. These two bottom tier and middle of the road, each respectively, often becomes overlooked because of the news surrounding and reputation of the other two match-ups.

Bovada Odds
TL -345 v. IMT +235
C9 -230 v. TSM +165
GGS +105 v. CLG -145
100t +110 v. DIG -155

Fantasy Summoner Cash build: The Salary for this slate is challenging. Instead of pricing by odds, DK has figured out how to make each individual player worth a certain amount. It is still advised to use stacking as go-to strategy in attacking this slate. However, there is more lee-way to be experimental with one-offs, based on salary allotment. In cash game build, the target players for TOP are Impact or Licorice. For Jungle, Broxah and Blaber; Mid = Nisqy and Froggen; ADC = Doublelift, Johnsun, and Stixxay; Supp = Vulcan, aphromoo

Fantasy Summoner Tournament Thoughts
As with any tournament build, creativity, process oriented, and a little luck are the key components to a good lineup. Often times, this entails picking a low owned winner to stack, or finding a lineup where the captained player does not become cost prohibitive. Recommended stacks

GoldenGlue + Closer + FBI + Keith (super contrarian)

SSumday + CodySun + aphormoo or Huni + Froggen + Johnsun

Ruin + Wiggily + Crown 


LCS Day 2

Bovada Odds
CLG +230 v. TL -335
TSM -230 v. FLYQ +165
IMT +120 v. EG -165

Monday Night League

Bovada Odds:

FlyQ -125 v. 100t -110
EG +220 v. C9 -315


How the Cheat sheet works: Players are tiered based on the likelihood of winning their match-up and in high team kill games, which correlates with DK pts. Fantasy Summoner suggests stacking players from the same team is consistently shown as the key to cashing across all contests. A roster can hold up maximum of 4 players of the same team, so all lineups consist of players from at least two lolesports team. Therefore, pick 3 or 4 players from the cheat sheet of the same row to stack. The first 1-3 rows often consists of recommendations of favorites (based on Bovada odds and Draftking salary tier), and is typically considered a high floor lineup. The bottom row consists of contrarian plays

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