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Daily Fantasy Summoner LEC Saturday WK8

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Daily Fantasy Summoner LEC Saturday Week 8

How the Cheat sheet works: Players are tiered based on likelihood of winning their match-up and in high team kill games, which correlates with DK fpts. Fantasy Summoner suggests stacking players from the same team is consistently shown as the key to cashing across all contests. Roster can hold up maximum of 4 players of the same team, so all lineups consist of players from at least two lolesports team. Therefore, pick 3 or 4 players from the cheat sheet of the same row to stack. The set often consists of recommendations of favorites (based on odds and Draftking salary tier), and is typically considered a high floor lineup. The bottom set consists of contrarian and lower expected plays

Courtesy of LEC Esports

Opening Odds:
RGE -213 v. SK +156
MSF -137 v xL +103
ViT +221 v. MAD -312
OG -200 v. S04 +147
G2 -128 v. FN -104

Review Friday Day 1: It’s quite disappointing on a day that process led to the expected result, but the field was sharper with their game plan; leading to no cash in even double ups. Certainly, there were room for improvements but if not careful, can lead one to doubt a sound process. On ward to day 2, which by now should be considered a highly contrarian/high risk day. Forget what your eyes told you about day 1, and approach day 2 with a bit of courage.

Fantasy Summoner Cash Thoughts:
Fnatic brings on Nemesis as mid laner for 2019
Image from Fnatic’s Twitter

EDIT: After experimenting with construction, it would appear that G2’s salary will be easiest to build around. Expect G2 to be the larger chalk builds
should continue to demand ownership across all cash format. The match up is certainly not one to underestimate, as we have seen how MAD can slip up. However, this does not mean that fading MAD would be the game plan. Have a balanced outlook on how you can attack the slate. It would likely begin with a MAD stack of Kaiser, Humanoid/Carzzy, and  Shadow. Next, consider Rogue a safe-ish option. The team is playing a style of league of legends, which demands their opponents to make few mistakes. This team will be spear-headed by Larssen and Hans Sama.

High Floors/High Ownership plays:

FinnInspiredLarssenHans SamaVander
Fantasy Summoner Tournament Thoughts:

If high risk is your game, this is the slate for you. Considering that ownership is easily predictable, a pivot away from MAD to xL or SK are the teams to look to. The manner xL lost to S04, would leave a bad taste in many fantasy player’s mouth, thus leading to a predicted sub-10% ownership against a MSF who somehow pulled off a win, and many would point to the swap to Denyk; we here at DFSummoners are not convinced. Next, is SK who will be facing off against a red hot Rogue. It would be an LEC Day 2 type of day when the team most are confident in, who are riding a hot streak in a convincing win over FN….fall flat on their faces on Day 2; the proverbial trap game.

AlphariXerxeNukeduck (low recommendation)UpsetJactroll(lol)
last chance to win for MAD
Securing Baron at 22 minutes seals the deal for Misfits

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