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Daily Fantasy Summoner 2020 LCS Day 2

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Daily Fantasy Summoner LCS Week 7 Day 2 Cheat Sheet

How the Cheat sheet works: Players are tiered based on likelihood of winning their match-up and in high team kill games, which correlates with DK fpts. Fantasy Summoner suggests stacking players from the same team is consistently shown as the key to cashing across all contests. Roster can hold up maximum of 4 players of the same team, so all lineups consist of players from at least two lolesports team. Therefore, pick 3 or 4 players from the cheat sheet of the same row to stack. The set often consists of recommendations of favorites (based on odds and Draftking salary tier), and is typically considered a high floor lineup. The bottom set consists of contrarian and lower expected plays

Image from LoL Esports Flickr
Image from LoL Esports Flickr

Opening Odds: 
100t -165 v. CLG +125
TSM -303 v. DIG +212
GG +132 v. FLY -175
C9 -833 v. IMT +461

Review Friday Day 1: The LCS is slowly turning to the old LCS where nobody looks like a world beater. Team Liquid got completely outplayed by FlyQ who themselves were beaten to pulp last week. IMT looking lackluster on day 1, so they’ll look like superman Day 2 right?

Fantasy Summoner Cash Thoughts:

C9 is chalk. Even with their random losses that can occur, it rarely hurts the DFS players because of high their ownership are weekly. Facing IMT, this team should theoretically have no problem running over. However, there is always a case for the team to take it easy or experiment with team compositions, which can lead to lower score ceiling. This can be mitigated by playing C9 Team or 3/3 stacks. Finding a second stack can be a bit of a challenge. TSM would be ideal or FLY. It is a matter of whether the player would feel comfortable with a non-ADC or MID at captain. For cash, that should not be much of a worry

High Floors/High Ownership plays:

SoloSantorinPower of EvilWildturtleIgnar
TL v TSM: LCS Week 1 Recap
Another match-up between two rivals turned friends, Doublelift and Bjergsen (Image Courtesy of LoL Esports)
Fantasy Summoner Tournament Thoughts:

It’s becoming more difficult to find a low owned edge, unless players stack against C9. While the idea is viable, this slate would lead us to looking at upset options, or at least high scoring losers. Fading C9 for TSM big stack is a viable strategy. However, it should be noted that DIG has a low DPL statistically. Alternatively, any of the players below, are to carry lower ownership. The team that is not listed here is IMT…Consider them for large stakes GPP.


100 Thieves LCS

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