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Good Fantasy Football Team Names

Fantasy football

Each year there is a struggle to not just field the best team in fantasy football, but also have the best team name. Here are good fantasy football team names. Most are based on player names. (Note: Some of these names will not be appropriate for everyone. More will be added before the season starts)


Waddle Waddle (Jaylen Waddle/The Duck  Song)- Jaylen Waddle certainly runs a lot faster than a duck waddles, but the name still fits. And many people have watched this annoying song on Youtube.

It’s T-Law (Trevor Lawrence)- Trevor Lawrence will be in the league for a long time.

Masterbateman (Rashod Bateman)- No explanation needed.

Leave it all on the Fields (Justin Fields)- There are so many saying with Fields’ name in it to go after if he is on a fantasy roster.

It’s all about the Chase (Ja’Marr Chase)- There will be a lot of defenders chasing Ja’Marr Chase in the years to come.

Pitt’s Creek (Kyle Pitts/Schitt’s Creek)- Kyle Pitts will have a lot of team names surrounding him in the coming years.

Give me Moore of That (Rondale Moore/Elijah Moore)- There are two Moore wide receivers in the NFL now. They are not related.

Marshall Law (Terrace Marshall Jr.)- Hopefully Marshall plays well enough that Marshall law will not need to be enforced.

Show me the Toney (Kadarius Toney/Jerry Maguire)- There is a famous scene in Jerry Maguire, where star receiver Rod Tidwell (played by Cuba Gooding Jr.) yells, “Show me the money!” several times over. 

Scary Terry (Tamorrion Terry/Rick and Morty)- Terry may not produce from day one, but he could be real scary for defenses once he does.

Players That Have Been Around A While

Note: You may have seen these names before

Love Stinks (Jordan Love/Aaron Rodgers/The Wedding Singer)- Aaron Rodgers‘ fans already know that the Packers drafted his eventual replacement in Jordan Love. In the Adam Sandler film “The Wedding Singer”, a classic song was performed which is probably aligning with what Rogers and his fans are thinking.

Get Swifty (D’Andre Swift/Rick and Morty)- D’Andre Swift is a rookie running back for the Detroit Lions who will be getting a lot of work. Rick and Morty had a great song called “Get Schwifty” which could be the feel of an owner’s team.

Jeudy, Jeudy, Jeudy Rocking Everywhere (Jerry Jeudy/ Ms. New Booty)- Jerry Jeudy is a new wide receiver for the Broncos and his name sounds like a classic song from the 2000s.

CeeDees TDs (CeeDee Lamb)- Whether it’s just because it rhymes or has some raunchy implications, CeeDees TDs will be a popular fantasy team next year.

The Silence of the Lambs (CeeDee Lamb/The Silence of the Lambs)- Lamb’s name is right in the title of an absolute classic movie.

It Takes Tua to Make a Thing Go Right (Tua Tagovailoa/ It Takes Two)- The rookie quarterback out of Alabama has a great name to play off of for fantasy football. Rob Base and DJ EZ Rock have a song that could easily be parodied for Tua.

It Takes Tua to Tango (Tua Tagovailoa)- A classic saying for the Dolphins’ rookie quarterback.

Fresh Prince of Clyde Edwards-Helaire (Clyde Edwards-Helaire/Fresh Prince of Bel Air)- The Chiefs have a rookie running back with a unique name and it rhymes with one of the best shows of all-time.

Joe-Hio State (Joe Burrow/Ohio State)- Joe Burrow is an Ohio kid playing for the Bengals and will be trying to claim dominance over the Browns.

Joe Burrow Tiger King (Joe Burrow/Tiger King)- Burrow played at LSU and now is a Bengal making him the king of tigers. It just so happens that the one of the biggest cultural trends before he was selected was the docuseries, “Tiger King”.

Quarto Quesos Dos Fritos (Quartney Davis/Psych)- This one is a little bit of a stretch, but Psych is a great show, so it fits. Quartney Davis has a unique name and one of the best appetizers ever came from Psych with similar starts to their names. I have made them before and here is a video on how to make them.

Herbert’s Heroes (Justin Herbert/Hogan’s Heroes)- Justin Herbert has a name that can alliterate well with a classic television show.

Tee it up (Tee Higgins)- Tee Higgins has potential to have several names based on him.

Golden Tee (Tee Higgins/Golden Tee)- Everyone has been to a bar with the Golden Tee video games and Tee Higgins could help fantasy teams bring home some gold trophies this season.

The Mims (Denzel Mims/The Sims)- Denzel Mims also has a name that can be used a lot. The sims can easily be changed into “The Mims”.

Shut Up Mimsy! (Denzel Mims/South Park)- The Mims name strikes again, but this time with a little-used character in South Park.

Dobbins is a Free Elf! (JK Dobbins/Harry Potter)- I am not a Harry Potter fan, but there are a lot out there. JK Dobbins just happens to have a similar name to one of the best characters in the franchise.

Diggs it up (Stefon Diggs/Holes)- Stefon Diggs is now on the Bills, but he has a name that goes with a song from Holes, where Shia LaBeouf rapped. Yes, that sentence is factual.

Josh Jacobs Jingle Heimer Schmidt (Josh Jacobs)- Josh Jacobs just happens to have a name that goes with a classic song.

Dak to the Future (Dak Prescott/Back to the Future)- This is a common fantasy team name, but it honors a great film franchise.

Drake’s Fortune (Kenyan Drake/Uncharted)- Kenyan Drake played well for the Cardinals last year and Uncharted has a title of Drake’s Fortune for the first edition of the video game series.

Gordon’s Mighty Ducks (Melvin Gordon/Mighty Ducks)- Gordon’s last name is the same as the first name of the best coach of all time, the Minnesota Miracle Man, Gordon Bombay. The Mighty Ducks are a rag-tag bunch of kids who rally together to win a championship and several fantasy teams are the same way.

Rudolph the Redzone Reindeer (Kyle Rudolph/Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer)- Rudolph has never shied away from his connection to the famous Christmas creature. He proved his red zone prowess in the NFC Playoffs last season.

Nothing to Goff at (Jared Goff)- Goff had a down year, but the “Sunshine”-looking quarterback still has a fun name.

It’s Gesicki (Mike Gesicki/It’s Tricky)- The rhyming ability of Gesicki’s name is great and goes with one of Run DMC’s hits. It was also featured in a great movie scene.

Sorry Mr. Jackson, This is For Real (Lamar Jackson/Outkast)- Lamar Jackson had a great season and has the same last name as a great Outkast song.

I Would Walk 500 Miles (Miles Sanders/Miles Boykin/The Proclaimers)- Miles is a decently common name and also a major theme of a song that was a hit, but also popularized by the show “How I Met Your Mother”.

What Can Brown do for you? (Marquise Brown/Antonio Brown/A.J. Brown/John Brown/UPS)- Any team that has a player with the last name of Brown needs to consider the old UPS slogan, “What can Brown do for you?”

Snell Yeah (Benny Snell)- Benny Snell is another player who could have a lot of names generated from his. This was slogan of his at Kentucky.

Snell Ya Later (Benny Snell)- Benny Snell strikes again.

See You in Snell (Benny Snell)- Snell’s name is too easy.

Cry Me a Rivers (Philip Rivers/Justin Timberlake)- Philip Rivers has had a great career and his name can be fused with this saying/Justin Timberlake song. 

Hilton’s Honors (T.Y. Hilton/Hilton Hotels)- T.Y. Hilton happens to share a name with Hilton hotels and should have had a sponsorship a long time ago.

DJ Got us Fallin’ in Love (D.J. Chark/David Johnson/Usher)- If D.J. Chark does well or David Johnson comes back to fantasy relevancy this season, they could have everyone remembering this banger by Usher.

Minshew Mania (Gardner Minshew)- Minshew is a cult hero already and deserves his own fantasy team name.

Pop Lock and Drop it (Drew Lock/Huey)- Lock is an up and coming player and could remind people of this song, which almost has 50 million views on Youtube. 

To the Window, To the Waller (Darren Waller/Lil Jon)- Darren Waller broke out last year and his last name could remind some of one of the best songs ever created. 

McLaurin F1 (Terry McLaurin/McLaren F1)- Terry Mclaurin has the speed and can easily be compared to the F1 racing team.

You’re Getting Cole for Christmas (Cole Kmet/Keelan Cole)-If kids don’t behave they get coal for Christmas, but good fantasy teams might have Cole Kmet or Keelan Cole on the roster.

Golladay Inn (Kenny Golladay/Holiday Inn)- The Lions’ receiver has a name that is very usable for fantasy football. Combing Golladay’s name with a hotel chain and it comes out to a Chingy song. 

The Golladay Season (Kenny Golladay)- The holiday season is right around playoff time, so if Golladay is on the roster, hopefully he will come through in the clutch.

Jesse James‘ Outlaws (Jesse James)- Jesse James happens to be the name of the Detroit Lions’ tight end (second-string) and a famous outlaw.

Free Aaron Jones (Aaron Jones)- Aaron Jones has been a good running back for a few years, but was fully unleashed last season. Anyone who has owned him over the last few years knows that Jones needs to be set free.

I’m Thielen This (Adam Thielen/Blink 182)- Thielen’s name can allow for a lot of creativity, but using it to make a play on a Blink 182 song is the right call.

You Play Ball Like a Gurley (Todd Gurley/The Sandlot)- Girls kick ass, but one of the best movie lines of all time is, “You play ball like a girl!” in “The Sandlot”. Todd Gurley‘s name helps make the connection complete.

Run CMC (Christian McCaffrey/Run DMC)- A common fantasy team name pairs one of the best players in the league with an early, great rap group.

King of the Hill (Tyreek Hill/Taysom Hill)- Hank Hill would’ve been a great fantasy running back, but chose to sell propane instead. This motivational speech may give a team of Tyreek or Taysom Hill the right kick in the pants to win a championship.

Touchdown Breesus (Drew Brees)- Like Drew Brees, this fantasy football name has a good, long history.

Tompa Bay Buccaneers (Tom Brady)- Tom Brady is already trade-marking his name to go with his new team, but it can still be used for fantasy.

Captain Kirk (Kirk Cousins/Christian Kirk)- For any Star Trek fans out there, here are a few players to target.

Here Comes Deebo (Deebo Samuel/Friday)- Deebo Samuel was named after the movie Friday, which features a great character.

DK’s Country (DK Metcalf/Donkey Kong)- DK Metcalf had a great rookie season and happens to have the same first name as the initials of a famous video game character.

Lockett and Put it in Your Pocket (Tyler Lockett)- When Russell Wilson targets Tyler Lockett, it’s a lock for a reception.

Kelley’s Conspiracies- Joshua Kelley was just drafted, but for any fans of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” they’ll recognize the last name Kelly and remember one of the greatest tv scenes in history.

Haskins Robbins (Dwayne Haskins/Baskin Robbins)- If Haskins is on the roster and fans think about ice cream a lot, like this author, this is a natural team name.

James Conner: The Terminator (James Conner/The Terminator)- The Terminator is actually John Conner, but it still fits. James Conner has battled injuries, beaten cancer and been a productive running back in the NFL. He is tough as nails and he’ll be back this year. 

Elementary My Dear Watson (Deshaun Watson/Sherlock Holmes)- Deshaun Watson has a good last name that can go with one of the most famous fictional characters of all time.

Bitchin’ Kamara (Alvin Kamara/Bitchin’ Camaro)- My Aunt Vicky showed me this video and asked if anyone had this name yet. Kamara is pretty bitchin’.

Combination Names

Note: These are names if you have a combination of players

Green Akers (A.J. Green/Cam Akers/Green Acres)- A.J. Green, Cam Akers and Green Acres, a classic T.V. show, combine for this name.

Boston TE Party (Patriots’ TEs/Boston Tea Party)- The Patriots drafted two tight ends in the 2020 NFL Draft and just happen to play in the city of a great historical event.

2 Many Cooks in the Kitchen (Dalvin Cook/Brandin Cooks)- A roster with both Dalvin Cook and Brandin Cooks might have two many cooks in the kitchen.

Don’t Wentz, It Hurts (Carson Wentz/Jalen Hurts)- How do the Eagles continually pick players who have names relating to injury?

Have other names that would work? Comment them below and we’ll put them in the article!

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