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From Fantasy Football to the NFL, what are the Odds for and Against this Season?

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The first-ever 17-game season of the NFL already looks historical. With some expected wins and some unforeseen losses, Week 12 (at the time of writing) has been more than watchable. For the ardent bettor, what does this mean? If you are considering odds for (or against) some teams, what would it look like? 

Odds For—The Good Graces

As for the good odds, judging by how the following teams have fared thus far, we think you should be in good favour with them as a bettor. Sure, you don’t need to understand the mathematics of luck—a mere glance at team performances should suffice. Either way, these are the teams to look out for. 

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers

If dominating streaks of 2020 are dividend enough, then the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are in our list for best favours for. Sure, you can argue that despite Tom Brady’s contract extension, the Bucs probably had the worst performance of the season during the rudimentary days. 

So, what’s with the better odds then? Simple. Just go back and see their blowout win against the Giants in Week 11. That itself was evidence enough that the Bucs are ready to defend like never before. With Daniel Jones getting into the defensive mix and other reinforcements coming back, expect the Bucs to churn good numbers. 

New England Patriots

In order to accurately assess their odds for, look at their upcoming schedule. Week 12 is going to be the turning point for the Patriots. The Titans are going to face the wrath of it, and if you are placing your money, this is your focal point. 

If you are new to these odds, the Patriots might seem an odd (pun intended) addition to the list for you. Fret not, for if you look into online betting sites, you’ll see the validity behind it. There are hundreds of online sports betting sites in the US and now with Play Alberta in Canada where people have put these odds to the test, as early as week 12.

Follow those numbers closely, and you shall come out as victorious as the Patriots themselves. 

Kansas City Chiefs

While their defence wasn’t as good in week 11, the Chiefs are definitely up in our list. Think about it, their history of abysmally poor defending has been replaced with impressive numbers now. Putting Jones back in his natural position has worked wonders. 

We think that the odds favour the Chiefs because of such massive improvements in defence. For instance, Jones has recorded 3.5 sacks and a whopping 17.5% pressure rate last week. The Chiefs’ opponents have now averaged at just 216.3 passing yards and 87.2 rushing yards last week. The numbers don’t lie, and when it comes to the Chiefs, we are positive. 

Arizona Cardinals 

A team is essentially fragile if there isn’t a good coach to glue it all together. The impact of a good coach is indescribable, but Kliff Kingsbury is the closest that we can get to the epitome of it. He is evidently the coach of the year already, with no clear competitors. 

That being stated, the odds favouring the Cardinals are pretty good too, at least qualitatively. With a 2-1 record in the absence of both Murray and Hopkins is really impressive. With the former coming back for week 13, expect impressive numbers being racked up. 

Baltimore Ravens

Lamar Jackson has been the pivot of the Ravens, but Tucker has had his moments too. With some clutch defending, the Ravens have surely surprised us with what they can pack. While Jackson’s deteriorating health status is concerning, we still think that week 13 can be a favourable one for the Ravens. It all gets decided in their clash against the Browns. 

Odds Against—Tread with Caution

If you feel like risking a fair deal and betting on the following teams, you are the monarch of all you survey. The odds against these teams are rather poor. Not to be discouraging, but these teams need to buckle up if they want to go big. The silver lining—greater bonuses in case you risk it. 

Los Angeles Rams

While week 11 has been fairly fruitful for the Rams, their defensive lapses have been exposed rather massively. The Rams have a lot to figure out still, but seeing the sheer support of the fans, this sounds like disaster for the bettor. 

Sure, you can go ahead and make your calls here, but the minute errors that the Rams are making can be a sure nail in their chances to enter the Super Bowl. Be super cautious with how you tread here with your bets. 

Indianapolis Colts

The primary reason why we see bettors going gaga over the Colts is because of one man, and one man only. Jonathan Taylor has rightly earned the spot to be in the MVP debate, and for all the right reasons. 

With a massive 157.8 rushing yards per game, along with 6.5 yards per rush, Taylor has been the most pivotal reason for the recent success of the Colts. We’d go as far as saying that he has been carrying the team altogether. 

That being said, his eight touchdowns might sound impressive, but for the bettor, you need to think about the bigger picture. Think about it—are you actually willing to risk your bets for a team with so many holes in their games? Is a one-player-team worth the risk? We think not. The Colts are (dis)favouring against our odds. 

Final Words 

As stated, the most recent iteration of the NFL has seen massive changes and improvements in some teams. On the contrary, it has also seen massive downgrades in others too. With this season showing such massive ebbs and flows, we expect it to be a bettor’s paradise altogether.

Thanks for reading! Let us know what your thoughts are on the article!