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Fantasy Football Week 11 Running Back Rankings

Fantasy Football Week 11 Running Back Rankings

The 2021-22 NFL season is just past its halfway point. Bye weeks have been taking place the past few weeks. This means that running backs like Darrell Henderson and Melvin Gordon will be out this week. On top of that injuries have started to mount up at this point of the season. It is always a great idea to evaluate backup options so that way fantasy managers are prepared if star players miss time. Here are the Fantasy Football Week 11 running back rankings.

*Ratings are subject to change due to injury reports or possible move to reserve/COVID-19 list*

(Check out the section below for details on players already rumored to possibly miss this week and how their replacement options rank for the week)

Must Start- a player who is in your lineup regardless of the matchup or most circumstances. They Will likely finish near the top of the league in points that week and in most weeks.
Starting RB1- a player who makes fantasy owners comfortable starting week after week. Regardless of the matchup, this player has a high floor.
High-End RB2- a player who may isn’t likely to carry a lineup that week, but has the ability to have a breakout game and is teetering between RB1 and RB2 category.
Starting RB2- a player who should be started in most lineups and should reach their point projection. This player is started is because of their consistency and moderately high floor
Low RB2- a player who may not be a lock to start for a team every week, but will start more times than not. Their production may not be pretty or win a person their lineup but the production is consistent enough to make a fantasy owner comfortable starting them.
Flex- a player who could float around the territory of being benched, but is started due to the potential to play better than their point projection. However, this player has the potential to flop and causes a fantasy team to lose if he has a bad game.
Deep League Flex- a player who is more of a Hail Mary throw at the position. There are enough reasons to leave this player on the bench, but their upside makes them an attractive option. Desperate times may call for a player like this to be inserted into starting lineups.
Leave on the Bench- a player who should be avoided in all lineups that week. Many times this player could even be left on waivers.
Category Name Opponent Ranking
Must Start Christian McCaffrey vs Washington Football Team RB1
Must Start Najee Harris vs Los Angeles Chargers RB2
Must Start Dalvin Cook vs Green Bay Packers RB3
Must Start Alvin Kamara* vs Philadelphia Eagles RB4
Starting RB1 D’Andre Swift vs Cleveland Browns RB5
Starting RB1 Joe Mixon vs Las Vegas Raiders RB6
Starting RB1 Nick Chubb* vs Detriot Lions RB7
Starting RB1 Ezekiel Elliott vs Kansas City Chiefs RB8
Starting RB1 James Conner vs Seattle Seahawks RB9
Starting RB1 Jonathan Taylor vs Buffalo Bills RB10
High-End RB2 James Robinson* vs San Francisco 49ers RB11
High-End RB2 Austin Ekeler  vs Pittsburgh Steelers RB12
Starting RB2 A.J. Dillon vs Minnesota Vikings RB13
Starting RB2 Michael Carter vs Miami Dolphins RB14
Starting RB2 Leonard Fournette vs New York Giants RB15
Starting RB2 David Montgomery vs Baltimore Ravens RB16
Starting RB2 Damien Harris vs Atlanta Falcons RB17
Low RB2 Elijah Mitchell* vs Jacksonville Jaguars RB18
Low RB2 Saquon Barkley* vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers RB19
Low RB2 Josh Jacobs vs Cincinnati Bengals RB20
Low RB2 Myles Gaskin vs New York Jets RB21
Low RB2 Cordarrelle Patterson* vs New England Patriots RB22
Flex Chris Carson* vs Arizona Cardinals RB23
Flex Antonio Gibson vs Carolina Panthers RB24
Flex Rhamondre Stevenson vs Atlanta Falcons RB25
Flex Clyde Edwards-Helaire* vs Dallas Cowboys RB26
Deep League Flex D’Onta Foreman vs Houston Texans RB27
Deep League Flex Kenyan Drake vs Cincinnati Bengals RB28
Deep League Flex Zack Moss vs Indianapolis Colts RB29
Deep League Flex Adrian Peterson vs Houston Texans RB30
Deep League Flex D’Ernest Johnson vs Detriot Lions RB31
Deep League Flex Miles Sanders vs New Orleans Saints RB32
Deep League Flex Darrel Williams vs Dallas Cowboys RB33
Deep League Flex Ty Johnson vs Miami Dolphins RB34
Deep League Flex Mark Ingram vs Philadelphia Eagles RB35
Deep League Flex Tony Pollard vs Kansas City Chiefs RB36
Deep League Flex Jeremy McNichols vs Houston Texans RB37
Deep League Flex Latavius Murray* vs Chicago Bears RB38
Deep League Flex Brandon Bolden* vs Atlanta Falcons RB39
Deep League Flex Jamaal Williams* vs Cleveland Browns RB40
Deep League Flex J.D. McKissic vs Carolina Panthers RB41
Leave on the Bench David Johnson vs Tennessee Titans RB42
Leave on the Bench Chuba Hubbard vs Washington Football Team RB43
Leave on the Bench Eno Benjamin vs Seattle Seahawks RB44
Leave on the Bench Ameer Abdullah vs Washington Football Team RB45
Leave on the Bench Jordan Howard vs New Orleans Saints RB46
Leave on the Bench Devonta Freeman vs Chicago Bears RB47
Leave on the Bench Samaje Perine vs Las Vegas Raiders RB48
Leave on the Bench Jeff Wilson Jr. vs Jacksonville Jaguars RB49
Leave on the Bench Mike Davis vs New England Patriots RB50
Leave on the Bench Devin Singletary vs Indianapolis Colts RB51
Leave on the Bench Nyheim Hines vs Buffalo Bills RB52
Leave on the Bench JaMycal Hasty* vs Jacksonville Jaguars RB53
Leave on the Bench Alex Collins vs Arizona Cardinals RB54
Leave on the Bench Khalil Herbert vs Baltimore Ravens RB55
Leave on the Bench Boston Scott vs New Orleans Saints RB56
Leave on the Bench Salvon Ahmed vs New York Jets RB57
Leave on the Bench Devontae Booker vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers RB58
Leave on the Bench Wayne Gallman vs New England Patriots RB59
Leave on the Bench Phillip Lindsay vs Tennessee Titans RB60
Leave on the Bench Matt Breida vs Indianapolis Colts RB61
Leave on the Bench Jermar Jefferson vs Cleveland Browns RB62
Leave on the Bench Rex Burkhead vs Tennessee Titans RB63
Leave on the Bench Alexander Mattison vs Green Bay Packers RB64
Leave on the Bench Larry Rountree III vs Pittsburgh Steelers RB65
Leave on the Bench J.J. Taylor vs Atlanta Falcons RB66
Leave on the Bench Kenneth Gainwell vs New Orleans Saints RB67
Leave on the Bench Kyle Juszczyk vs Jacksonville Jaguars RB68
Leave on the Bench C.J. Ham vs Green Bay Packers RB69
Leave on the Bench Giovanni Bernard vs New York Giants RB70
Leave on the Bench Godwin Igwebuike vs Cleveland Browns RB71
Leave on the Bench Travis Homer vs Arizona Cardinals RB72
Leave on the Bench Derrick Gore vs Dallas Cowboys RB73
Leave on the Bench Trey Sermon vs Jacksonville Jaguars RB74

Possible Changes that can occur before Sunday

RB4 Alvin Kamara, New Orleans Saints

Alvin Kamara was held out of last week’s game knee injury. If Kamara doesn’t play this week against the Philadelphia Eagles then Mark Ingram moves up to RB16 between David Montgomery and Damien Harris.

RB7 Nick Chubb, Cleveland Browns

Nick Chubb could be activated from the reserve/COVID-19 list before the Browns play the Lions this week. However, if Chubb is not activated in time then D’Ernest Johnson moves up to RB13 between A.J. Dillon and Michael Carter.

 RB11 James Robinson, Jacksonville Jaguars

James Robinson did not practice Wednesday because of both a heel and knee issue. If Robinson does not play this week against the San Francisco 49ers then Carlos Hyde would join the list at RB25 between Rhamondre Stevenson and Clyde Edwards-Helaire.

San Francisco 49ers Running Backs: RB18 Elijah Mitchell & RB53 JaMycal Hasty

Elijah Mitchell is dealing with a finger fracture that held him out of practice Wednesday. JaMycal Hasty was unable to play last week with an ankle issue. Mitchell is expected to play while Hasty’s status is uncertain. If both are inactive then Jeff Wilson Jr. moves up to RB16 between Leonard Fournette and David Montgomery. Kyle Juszczyk would take Hasty’s spot at RB53 and Trey Sermon would move up to RB61 between Phillip Lindsay and Matt Breida.

If Mitchell is inactive but Hasty plays then Jeff Wilson Jr. moves up to RB20 between Josh Jacobs and Myles Gaskin. Then JaMycal Hasty would move up to RB43 between David Johnson and Chuba Hubbard. Trey Sermon would then move up to RB70 between C.J. Ham and Giovanni Bernard.

If Mitchell is active and Hasty is inactive then Mitchell retains his value. Jeff Wilson Jr. would move up to RB43 between Chuba Hubbard and Eno Benjamin. Trey Sermon would move up to RB71 between Giovanni Bernard and Godwin Igwebuike.

RB19 Saquon Barkley, New York Giants

There is a feeling that Saquon Barkley could return from his ankle issue for the New York Giants game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Monday. However, if Barkley does not return then Devontae Booker moves up to RB24 between Antonio Gibson and Rhamondre Stevenson.

RB22 Cordarrelle Patterson, Atlanta Falcons

Cordarrelle Patterson is going to be a game-time decision for Thursday’s game against the New England Patriots because of an ankle sprain. If Patterson does not play then Mike Davis moves up to RB29 between Zack Moss and Adrian Peterson. Wayne Gallman would then take Mike Davis’ spot at RB50.

RB23 Chris Carson, Seattle Seahawks

Chris Carson’s neck injury had held him out of multiple games this season. It is uncertain when he will return for the Seahawks if he will return at all. If Carson is out this week against the Arizona Cardinals then Alex Collins will move up to RB28 between Kenyan Drake and Zack Moss. Travis Homer would move up to RB56 between Khalil Herbert and Boston Scott.

RB26 Clyde Edwards-Helaire, Kansas City Chiefs

Clyde Edwards-Helaire was activated off of IR last week and could make his return this week. However, if he doesn’t suit up against the Dallas Cowboys then Darrel Williams will jump up to RB21 between Myles Gaskin and Cordarrelle Patterson. Derrick Gore would move up to RB65 between Alexander Mattison and Larry Rountree.

RB32 Miles Sanders, Philadelphia Eagles

Miles Sanders could make his return off of Injured Reserve this week against the New Orleans Saints. If Sanders is not activated then Jordan Howard would move up to RB36 between Tony Pollard and Jeremy McNichols. Boston Scott would move up to RB53 between Nyheim Hines and JaMychal Hasty. Kenneth Gainwell would move up to RB64 between Rex Burkhead and Alexander Mattison.

RB38 Latavius Murray, Baltimore Ravens

Latavius Murray has missed Baltimore’s last three games with an ankle issue. Murray could return this week against the Chicago Bears. However, if he does not return then Devonta Freeman moves up to RB33 between Miles Sanders and Darrel Williams.

RB39 Brandon Bolden, New England Patriots

Brandon Bolden is questionable for Thursday’s game against the Atlanta Falcons with a hip issue. If Bolden does not play expect Rhamondre Stevenson to take over Bolden’s passing game work and J.J. Taylor to have a role against Atlanta.

Detriot Lions Running Backs: RB40 Jamaal Williams, & RB62 Jermar Jefferson

For Detriot’s past two games, Jamaal Williams has been inactive with a thigh injury. If Williams is inactive D’Andre Swift confirms his status at RB5. Jermar Jefferson would move up to RB45 between Ameer Abdullah and Jordan Howard. If Jefferson is inactive due to his ankle issue then Godwin Igwebuike would then be RB45 between Ameer Abdullah and Jordan Howard.


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