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Fantasy Football Defenses to Stream Week 10

One of the biggest strategies in fantasy football is streaming defenses. Each week owners will look at matchups and make waiver wire acquisitions to find their starting defense. Here are fantasy football defenses to stream in week 10. (Note: All defense mentioned are owned in less than 50 percent of ESPN leagues)

1. New Orleans Saints

Believe it or not, the Saints have a top 10 fantasy defense this season. They have specifically played well against the Buccaneers with 16 and 17-point performances against them. The Saints have some other solid performances as well and with a good matchup this week, they should be picked up and played.

New Orleans plays a very injured San Francisco 49ers team this week. While they rank 21st against opposing defenses this year, they should be expected to do even worse without so many key players including Jimmy Garoppolo and George Kittle. The Saints are owned in 38.9 percent of ESPN leagues.

Fantasy Football Defenses to Stream Week 10

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2. Green Bay Packers

The Packers have the 19th-ranked fantasy defense this season. They have one negative performance, against the Buccaneers, but they also have a double-digit performance against the Lions. This makes them relatively consistent.

This week should be one of the Packers’ better weeks, as they play the Jaguars. Jacksonville ranks 23rd against opposing defenses this season. They will be without starting quarterback Gardner Minshew, which improves the Packers’ chances of having a big day. Green Bay is available in nearly 75 percent of ESPN leagues.

3. Philadelphia Eagles

Philadelphia has had a solid fantasy defense this season, as they rank eighth in the league. While they have two negative performances, they also have two big performances. They scored 14 points against the 49ers and 21 against the Cowboys. Their matchup this week should allow their defense to have another big week.

The Eagles are coming off of a bye week to play the Giants. The Giants rank 30th against opposing defenses this season. They struggle with turning over the ball, so the Eagles should be able to take advantage. The Eagles are owned in 43.9 percent of ESPN leagues.

4. Detroit Lions

Detroit ranks 25th as a fantasy defense this season. They only have a few only three games with positive points scored. Those games came against Arizona, Jacksonville and Atlanta. The Lions have some talented players on their defense, but should only play this week because of the matchup.

This week, the Lions play the Washington Football Team. They rank 29th against opposing defenses and have had injuries at the quarterback position. Kyle Allen left last game with an injury and Alex Smith filled in. Smith is likely to start against the Lions after throwing three interceptions. The Lions are available in over 95 percent of ESPN leagues.

5. New York Giants

While they haven’t won a lot of games this season, the Giants rank ninth as a fantasy defense. They have had a pretty solid season all-around with just one negative performance on the year, which came against the 49ers. They have specifically excelled against the Cowboys, Washington Football Team and the Bears this season.

Another NFC East team will be the opponent for the Giants this week in the Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles rank 28th against opposing defenses this season. It figures to be a low-scoring game, so both defenses should do decently in fantasy. The Giants are owned in 49 percent of ESPN leagues.


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