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Fantasy Football Defenses to Stream for Week 9

One of the biggest strategies in fantasy football is streaming defenses. Each week owners will look at matchups and make waiver wire acquisitions almost every week to find their starting defense. Here are fantasy football defenses to stream in week 9. (Note: All defense mentioned are owned in less than 50 percent of ESPN leagues)

1. Cleveland Browns

The Browns are coming off of a loss to the Patriots, but their schedule gets easier in the next few weeks. So far this season, they rank 25th as a fantasy defense. Even though they lost, the Browns did score five points against the Patriots.

This ranking is less about the Browns defense and more about their matchup. Joe Flacco is injured and an unexperienced Brandon Allen will start for the Broncos. Myles Garrett and Olivier Vernon should be able to get after him and force him into mistakes. The Browns defense is owned in 16.9 percent of ESPN leagues.

2. Dallas Cowboys

Fantasy Football Defenses to Stream for Week 9
DeMarcus Lawrence

Dallas’ defense is starting to come together after a 16 points performance against the Eagles. They are now ranked 14th as a fantasy defense. With DeMarcus Lawrence and Robert Quinn getting pressure on the quarterback, the Cowboys are starting to force turnovers, which is a sign things are improving.

The Cowboys will play the Giants in week 9, who are ranked 29th against opposing defenses. Dallas just added Michael Bennett to their defensive line, which should make them even better. If they can contain Saquon Barkley, which they should be able to do after the bye, they can have a good game. The Cowboys defense is owned 28.8 percent of ESPN leagues.

3. Carolina Panthers

The Panthers are having a great season defensively this year, as they rank fourth as a fantasy defense. They are coming off of their worst performance this season, as they scored one point against the 49ers. Things will likely return to normal this week and for the rest of the season.

Now, the Panthers will take on the Titans. Tennessee has looked better with Ryan Tannehill at quarterback, but still rank 20th against opposing defenses in fantasy football. Surprisingly, the Panthers defense is owned in just under half of ESPN leagues.

4. Seattle Seahawks

Pete Carroll has had an up and down year with his defense this year. They rank 21st this year in fantasy and are coming off of one and two-point games. The Seahawks do have a few good games under their belts, including a 15 point performance against the Cardinals.

The matchup this week is favorable for the Seahawks as they play the Buccaneers. Tampa Bay ranks 27th against opposing defense this year. Quarterback Jameis Winston has been turnover prone this year, so Seattle should be able to have a big day. They are owned in 35.6 percent of leagues.

5. New York Jets

The Jets actually have a decent fantasy defense, as they rank 17th as a fantasy defense. They have been bad the last three games, with three total points in those games. New York just traded away Leonard Williams across town, as well which makes things dicier.

Fortunately, the Jets play the Dolphins this week. The most points the Dolphins have scored in a game is 21, which came against the Bills. Miami played the Steelers on Monday night and will be coming into this game on short rest. The Jets are owned in just 10.8 percent of leagues.


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